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Jul 06th
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ExxonMobil, oil companies fight clean car standards that reduce global warming pollution

gaspumps030411_optDENA MOTTOLA JABORSKA

I'd imagine that ExxonMobil isn’t that excited about cutting America’s oil use by 23 billion gallons a year—that’s more than all the oil the U.S. imports from Saudi Arabia annually!

Yet this is exactly what we’ll achieve if the Obama administration moves forward with new clean cars standards later this year.

It's just common sense — but, it’s not a done deal yet. ExxonMobil and other oil companies are pushing back against these standards, which were proposed last November.

If we’re going to take the single biggest step America has ever taken to reduce our oil dependence and tackle global warming, President Obama needs to hear from people like you and me—not just ExxonMobil.

Tell President Obama you support these historic clean car standards.

The Obama administration is taking comments from the public through the end of this month. Unless we show strong public support for these new standards, the oil companies could still snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

What's at stake? New clean cars standards that will:

• Slash global warming pollution by an amount equivalent to shutting down 70 coal-fired power plants;

• Require cars and light trucks to meet a 54.5 miles per gallon standard by 2025;

• Save over 504 million gallons of oil in New Jersey alone.

That's a huge impact for a single policy.

Of course, no good deed goes unpunished in Washington these days. ExxonMobil and other oil companies are still lobbying to weaken the new standard. Some members of Congress are vowing to block it altogether.

Join me in helping to drown out these powerful polluters, and seize this important opportunity to help get New Jersey off oil and stop global warming. We must show the president and the EPA that the American people want the strongest possible clean car standards. That's why I hope you'll join me in submitting a supportive public comment today.

Tell President Obama to stand strong for clean car standards, and help ensure this landmark action accelerates us away from oil as fast as possible.

Dena Mottola Jaborska is the Executive Director of Environment New Jersey.You can follow them on Facebook or Twitter.


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