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Jul 03rd
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Gov. Christie's Obama-bashing is a lot of fiction

hayneMichael080311_optBY MICHAEL HAYNE

NJ Gov. Christie is no stranger when it comes to shouting at opponents. Like an obnoxious driver in a SUV, cutting another motorist off while he negotiates a big gulp and sub sandwich in his lap, Christie is famed for brazenly running over anyone that gets in his way with reckless abandon.

Since Mitt Romney is mostly arguing with Mitt Romney from the 90s, Mitt Romney from the early 2000s and Mitt Romney from yesterday, the gargantuan governor and Romney surrogate appears to have taken on the role of political attack dog.

Taking questions from Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski just one week after sending Scarborough a text message complaining that the host was becoming too liberal, Christie bragged about his record of working with the Democratic legislature.

“Look at what we’ve gotten done,” he said. “2 percent property tax (cap). Interest arbitration cap, sweeping pension and benefit reform. All done in a bipartisan way. Did I get every bit of what I wanted? No.”

That’s a wonderful story, but unfortunately it falls under the category of fantasy/fiction.

While it is true that Christie has had to work with a Democratic legislature, he’s treated them in the same fashion as George Bush treated the then Democratic majority. From weakening medical marijuana laws, to gutting medicaid and defunding Planned Parenthood, to balking at major middle-class job creations like the ARC Tunnel and vigorously fighting to protect millionaire camping donors over alleviating property taxes for the middle class, Christie hasn’t really compromised anything but yet has managed to pretty much get everything.

“The governor speaks a good game," spokesman Tom Hester Jr . said, "but conveniently skips over the fact that a focal point of his tenure has been zealously protecting tax cuts for millionaires over property tax relief for middle class families and seniors. Working families have not been his priority.”


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