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Jul 01st
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Honest Abe: Fuggedaboutit! Debunking the many myths about Lincoln and 'textbook' history


As an immigrant who came to the land of the free at the age of 2 and a half in 1949, I was just as “Americanized”  as my American born friends as we were growing up in the Bronx.  I became a history major because I was fascinated with the remarkable story of America and wanted to become a social studies teacher.  But throughout my K-12 education, we learned the  “textbook ” history of America, from the first Thanksgiving to the Emancipation Proclamation to the  “sneak” attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

Even after studying American history in college in the 1960s, I learned in the decades since I graduated that what I learned about American and world history was either shallow or just false.   How could that be?  Wasn’t  history the search for the  “truth”  about the great events that shaped civilizations over the millennia?  And once the truth was discovered, there should be no controversy about why the men and women whose decisions about war, taxes, and regulations affected the lives of hundreds of millions of their fellow human beings.

One of the nagging questions I had was why the Emancipation Declaration was issued in 1863; two years after the Civil War began?  If Lincoln was determined to end slavery in America, why didn’t he issue the Proclamation soon after he took office in 1861?  Furthermore, why did the Proclamation only pertain to the Confederate States?

The answer is short and simple:  The South wanted to secede peacefully but Lincoln wanted to preserve the Union at all costs, even if it meant the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans, the destruction of the southern economy, and the trashing of the Constitution.

Economics professor and historian Thomas DiLorenzo reveals the truth about Honest Abe in The Real Lincoln and Lincoln Unmasked.  In addition, in a recent talk Professor DiLorenzo debunks more myths Honest Abe promulgated by Steven Spielberg’s critically acclaimed movie about the martyred 16th president.  In short, to get the truth about Lincoln, skip the movie and listen to Professor DiLorenzo.


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