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May 03rd
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Obama and Al Green 'Live at Izod' could kick off New Jersey Entertainment Show

scandaleFrank011012_optBY FRANK SCANDALE

Snow was dropping like confetti, and I was plugged into my iPhone listening to Pandora radio while shoveling. And then President Obama came on singing “Let’s Stay Together.”

Wow, that man can sing just like the Rev. Al Green.

I started crooning along with the president until I realized that President Obama doesn’t have his own Internet radio station.

But how far behind can that be with advisers falling out of their chairs polling to find out how many points he would pick up in a presidential race if he sang “Love and Happiness.” Especially if Newt was his opponent come November.

Obama blowing up the downloads with his brief but memorable rendition of Green’s song ranked pretty high on the entertainment scale in about 42 languages based on the YouTube results.

But it was amateur hour compared to what was swirling around New Jersey from Atlantic City to the Shore to the meadowlands. The state had enough entertainment news, though not quite Entertainment Tonight material, however, to sate a producer’s appetite.

Fox affiliate channel 9, NJTV and Fios1’s RNN all should be salivating to put on a Jersey Entertainment Tonight show. If you can’t make ratings with the material that comes out of this state each week, you need to turn in your FCC license to US Sen. Frank Lautenberg.

The stations charged with covering New Jersey could have each taken a slice of the action this week. The best pilot could win a state grant to produce a weekly show called something like “Get Outta Here” or “Madone” or “I Have Your Entertainment Right Here.”

Last week would have made a good show.

The President, just across the river at the Apollo Theater, would have been lucky to make a promo trailer given what he was up against over the Hudson.

NJTV’s Steve Adubato could have opened his show with a pull back shot of the Meadowlands but not until he paid a “rebate” to a promoter to explain why he gets extra money to bring Britney Spears, Bruce Springsteen or Jay-Z to the arena.

Apparently this is okay with many people. If you can’t pay the freight, you can’t take the ride.

Steve: “Mr. Promoter, can you explain why you might require additional money from the Sports and Exhibition Authority to book an act at our fine venue?”

Promoter: “Sure , Steve. First, I need 5 percent of whatever you are making today. I’m also going to need some walking around money to get my teeth whitened for future shows you might want me on. And I’m not paying for the cab that brought me here to speak with you. That’s on you, Stevo."

Steve: “Ok, but it’s against policy to pay for interviews."

Promoter: “Your call. I can tell the guy over there with the other camera what you want to know. He says he’ll rebate me. Somebody is rebating me here. Am I right?”

Two things about this story knocked my socks off . First, music industry insiders were not surprised in the least about the arrangements but they were a little taken aback about the size of the “rebates."

It’s like the old joke when the man asks a woman if she would sleep with him for $1 million. She says, “yes.” Then he asks if she’d sleep with him for $1, and she says, “what kind of person do you think I am?”


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