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May 03rd
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Port Authority toll hike exposes Christie as a flip-flopper

hayneMichael080311_optBY MICHAEL HAYNE

It's amazing how one day can change a politician’s stance on a particular issue. Heck, just ask Mitt Romney — a man on the verge of having his very own flip-flop sandal.

Chris Christie, whose forceful anti anti-Muslim histrionics last week inspired an outpouring of positivity among his most ardent detractors, myself included. But that adulation may prove to be an anomaly (at least for now) after considering Christie's mealy-mouthed equivocations on the proposed Port Authority toll hike.

New Jersey's commuters reached a level of dyspeptic outrage reminiscent of Howard Beale from the groundbreaking 70s film “Network” after learning The Port Authority was seeking a massive $1 billion toll and train fare hike. Among the hike includes measures to raise the E-Z Pass tolls for cars from $6 to $10 round-trip for off-peak travel and from $8 to $12 in peak hours, and a cash toll surcharge of $3 to increase the cash rate from $8 to $15 in 2011 for the 25 percent of toll-payers who still use the cash system. Sure, and should us already financially-ruined commuters sweeten the deal by bending over and allowing Port Authority workers to literally stick to us in the rear?

Initially, Chris Christie expressed outrage at the proposed plan.

“I said, ‘You’re kidding, right?’ and they said ‘no,’” Christie said when asked for his reaction when he got the call from the Port Authority. “This is, unfortunately, a testimony to the mismanagement of the Port [Authority] for years. We shouldn’t have to be in this kind of situation.”

But that knee-jerk bluster seemed to turn to thoughtful consideration. Christie, a man who so vehemently opposes tax increases and public works projects that he screams at hapless school teachers and shot down the ARC project, didn't rule out agreeing to the toll increase, saying a veto could have dire consequences.

"That would mean that hundreds of projects would have to be stopped, that thousands of people would be laid off and that progress on the redevelopment of the World Trade Center site would slow if not stop," Christie said. "Governing is about choosing, we have to make choices."

Indeed, governing is about choices and Christie has been on the losing side of them. Naturally he blamed this on the former administration.

"This is unfortunately a testimony to the mismanagement of the port for years," Christie said.

Comments (2)
2 Wednesday, 10 August 2011 08:01
You're supposed to be comedian? Where's the humor, the satire, the wit. Your NPD bio at the end of the piece gave me the expectation of a good read. Odd, very odd.
1 Tuesday, 09 August 2011 12:38
If he doesn't raise taxes, he's evil and hates poor people. If he does raise taxes, he's a hypocrite. If he wants to help schools by cutting labor, he's evil. If he wants to help unions by raising tolls, he's evil.

The only way to make some people happy I guess is to promise to raise taxes and then raise them. Let me go check my money tree and see if the blossoms are ripe for picking.

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