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May 28th
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Steaming a lobster takes less time than Christie's vanity press conference

christieThumbsup051811_optBY JOSHUA HENNE

With Tuesday's vanity press conference clocking in at a whopping 54 minutes, we thought we’d share a few things which took less time than Chris Christie took to say the simple words “I’m not running”:

1. 17 minutes: Barack Obama’s Inaugural Address

2. 44 minutes: Ronald Reagan’s final State of the Union

3. 5 minutes and 16 seconds: Time it took Lyndon Johnson to tell America he was not seeking re-election

4. 2 minutes: Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

5. 10 seconds: Time it took Christie to veto the millionaire’s tax

6. 22 minutes: Time it takes to steam a 5 lb. lobster (which multi-millionaires will be able to eat a lot more of since Christie vetoed the millionaire’s tax)

7. 49 minutes: The 8:09 am train from Trenton to Newark Penn Station

8. 38 minutes: Traffic buildup at the Lincoln Tunnel and George Washington Bridge (it would be less if ARC Tunnel wasn't canceled)

9. 33 minutes: Christie’s secret speech to the Koch Brothers conference in Colorado

10. 27 minutes: Finishing a tough algebra project (which might have been easier if Christie hadn’t bungled the Race To The Top Application forfeiting $400 million in federal education funding)

11. 15 minutes: Conducting a mammogram (though Christie’s women’s health veto means less initial clinical breast exams)

12. 51 minutes: Shortest recorded 9-inning baseball game (NY beat Philadelphia 6-1)

13. 28 minutes: Helicopter ride from Montvale to Drumthwacket following a high school baseball game

14. 39 minutes and 32 seconds: Springsteen’s Born to Run album

15. 45 minutes: The Anglo-Zanzibar War

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