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Jul 05th
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Tea Party politician on Facebook calls for President Obama's assassination

hayneMichael080311_optBY MICHAEL HAYNE

Failed politician and Tea Party darling, Jules Manson, may be regretting calling for the assassination of President Obama and the First Family on a Facebook thread. Apparently the dissemination of a certain New York Congressman’s, um, “constituency” and a shirtless Christopher Lee means very little to Republican troglodytes.

Jules Manson, a wannabee Tea Party nut job who failed miserably in his 2011 bid for a City Council seat in Carson, Calif., called for the assassination of President Obama and his "monkey children" in a recent Facebook rant following President Obama’s support of the constitutionally atrocious military authorization bill last week.

The original bill surreptitiously contained a unconstitutional “rider” provision that called for the US Military to sweep up American Citizens accused of terrorism activities, thus opening the gates to a fascist scenario that not even the equally atrocious Patriot Act could ever imagine. The President originally pledged to veto the NDAA so long as it contained the highly problematic detention provisions that undermined U.S.traditions of commitment to human rights and security. However, upon making some legislative changes to the original bill, though much better than the first fascist fun fest version but still a smack at basic civil liberties, President Obama reneged on his veto threat and planned to sign the new NDAA version.

Even though the bill is the lesser of two stupids, it is stupid nonetheless and civil libertarians are right to be outraged. But when outrage turns to blatant racism and treasonous violence, then that outrage looses all its credibility.

To see the post, visit Americans Against The Tea Party.

Naturally the post was removed faster than a OWS protester, but anger quickly ensued, and Manson, 48, quickly toned down his despicable rhetoric Monday while defending his right to spew such hateful bile.

"Once you have taken the position that anyone should be imprisoned for careless emotionally driven remarks that had no real substance, you deserve what your government has become," he wrote in the new Facebook post.

"All I can really say is to be careful what you wish for because setting such a precedence can come back to bite you," he warned.

"I have felt deeply regretful and apologized for my past mistakes. Can you do the same?" he asked his followers.

First of all, Manson isn’t exactly Henry David Thoreau or a Iranian dissident in his complete and utter baseless, irrational hatred. Moreover, somehow making himself a “freedom fighter” who’s being lashed in the public square for trying to vote is a total affront to actual civil disobedience, and he should actually be lashed in a public square for attempting to do so.

Kidding, of course.

But Manson’s words was indeed a brainless racist rant and, sadly, destroyed any credibility and substance he might have had on the terrible NDAA bill. Manson is a repeat offender. He changed his first name from Julio and included a photo of Obama dressed as Hitler in a rambling February blog posting announcing his run and claiming support of racial equality. He probably should jump into the massive hole he dug for himself and make sure there's no wi-fi.

Michael Hayne is a comedian/VO artist/Columnist extraordinaire, who co-wrote an award-nominated comedy, wrote for NY Times Laugh Lines, guest-blogged for Joe Biden, and writes a column for MSNBC.com affiliated Cagle. Follow him (or yell) on Twitter and Facebook.


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Comments (2)
2 Thursday, 22 December 2011 22:44
Lonnie Rashid Lynn raps about killing George Bush and he is invited to the white house. There are no news stories on this, I did a google news search. nothing. There is a game available even now called "Kill George Bush"; yet an insignificant man who lives in a trailer park makes a death threat against Obama on Facebook (note that Obama receives 30 death threats a day, according to a story in the Telegraph) and is all over the news. Why? A weak and desperate effort to link the Tea Party to racism.

The press has jumped on this story about this insignificant man and his racist posts and always mention his support of the tea party, as if that is "proof" that the tea party in general is racist. Not sure if that is what you are going for here, but if you are trying to make the leap that the rantings of a weirdo makes the tea party people racist, the evidence is weak, at best.

On Facebook, by the way, he says he is a democrat. This Jules Manson person turns out to be an atheist or at least affiliates with them. Jules was removed from his association with SupportAtheism.com because of his racist rants. "..he does not identify as a Tea Party member, and in fact spoke derisively of them." "but unless he has changed in the last few months- the attempt to paint him as a Tea Party enthusiast is dishonest and short sighted." So, even though there is proof that he is NOT a tea party person, you insist on putting the Tea Party in the HEADLINE of this story. Is it ideology? Or laziness?

As usual, no signs, no proof of real Tea Party People being racist. On the other hand, you can do a google search of "occupy wall street anti semitic" and you get actual videos of real live people spewing hatred. I am sure there are anti semitic and racist tea partiers, but I still cannot find any videos online. I find videos ACCUSING them of being racist, but none actually proving it.
1 Wednesday, 21 December 2011 11:26
Occupiers are like Martin Luther King and Tea Party and Beer Party for that matter are like Malcom X.

What do you expect from an extremist group anyway?

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