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Jul 05th
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Tebow Time sparks Giants rematch dream: Bronco fan torn should it come to that

scandaleFrank011012_optBY FRANK SCANDALE

Long before Mile High Stadium was Invesco Field. Long before John Hickenlooper was the governor of Colorado or even mayor of Denver (He began as a brewery owner in a part of the city that made Dresden look like Disney World). And long before Tim Tebow was soiling his diapers, fire was invented and Broncos fans began walking upright.

What did I know in 1990, when as a greenhorn from the East, I arrived in Denver, a modern day Horatio Alger come to claim my fame in the West at The Denver Post.

I came with dreams, plans and some New York Giants paraphernalia. The latter was ripped from my person by what I believe was a pack of coyotes. In fact, it was more likely six guys at a table in a downtown Denver bar, who also used a branding iron to give me my first big D on my forehead.

Ah, the seared memory of the Giants beating the Broncos in Super Bowl XXI had apparently not subsided. In the east, so many things, sports included, come and go that hanging on to one ugly memory is contrary to our make up. Move on. We have Rangers and Devils, we have Yankees and Mets. We have vices galore.

But those distractions pale in comparison to Bronco devotion. When the Giants put up, like, 150 unanswered points in 1987 more people entered into therapy in the Mile High city than when they raised ski lift prices $2. Until the second quarter, Broncos fans were thinking “Party Like it's 1999”. By the fourth, they were singing “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen.”

I know, I’m getting ahead of myself with all this rematch talk. Tebow has to out-God Tom Brady Saturday and and the Giants need David Tyree to suit up and get another tube of crazy glue for his helmet.

But that’s where I sit today. I like the Giants. Of the teams in these parts, I lean Blue. But when it comes to today’s Broncos and the Tim Tebow train, well, it brings out some memories from my Colorado days.

You can’t turn on a television, radio, mobile app or sermon without Tebow mania. My Facebook friends long ago abandoned reason. My Twitterari , also one trick tweets. I watched John Madden tear up talking about the guy.

Lady Gaga went big time Gaga on the Timbo. Gaga and Tebow in the same sentence. I thought it couldn’t get any crazier but then the Golf Channel Morning Drive show reported that Tebow was considering playing with Tiger Woods at Pebble Beach. If that linking didn’t crash servers from coast to coast, what will? Tebow and Jesus (Saturday Night Live already owned that Page View monster) ? Tebow playing a Beatles reunion with Paul McCartney? Tebow campaigning with Gov. Christie?

The Twittersphere, all of Pennsylvania, imploded last Sunday when Jesus’ disciple rifled a pass to what’s his name on a slant play that ended the overtime match with the steel heads from Pittsburgh. I confess to being among those contributing to Twitterwaste.


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