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Jun 02nd
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The Culture of Violence in America? Blame the Federal Government

sabrin_opt-1BY MURRAY SABRIN

Since the horrific events in Newtown last Friday, a renewed call for more gun control has filled the airwaves and the print media. In addition, the usual suspects have appeared on talk shows–psychiatrists, gun confiscation advocates, and the usual loud mouth politicians–calling for the Congress and President “to do something” to prevent future school massacres.

One of the most disingenuous assertions coming from the gun grabbers in and out of the government is that the American people’s love affair with firearms proves that there is a culture of violence that must be curbed by stricter restrictions if not an outright ban on gun ownership.

If there is a “culture of violence” in America, the federal government has promoted it for decades.

The federal government in my lifetime has waged war against Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq (twice), and God knows how many covert acts around the world have been committed all in the name of peace and democracy. (For a complete list see, In short, the federal government has been killing innocent people by the millions under both major political parties.

At home, the federal government has killed innocent people at Ruby Ridge and Waco. And the federal government condones the killing of innocent human life in the womb under the guise of a “woman’s right to choose.” Allowing the killing of an unborn baby has been a legal right in America for nearly four decades.

Is it any wonder that evil or deranged individuals believe that killing is acceptable? After all, that’s how the federal government handle both domestic issues–unwanted pregnancies and “cults”–and international disputes.

Moreover, the federal government engages in legal plunder, also known as taxation. In short, the federal government uses massive violence and coercion at home and abroad to enact its agenda of redistributing income and crony capitalism.

If we want to reduce the culture of violence in America, the people have to demand the federal government end the unlimited use force. It’s that simple.

Comments (4)
4 Tuesday, 18 December 2012 18:48
Matt P
After reading this article and a number of others, including George Monbiot's recent Guardian article connecting our drone program in Pakistan to our culture of violence, I was moved to create this White House petition: Please sign it and help to promote it! If it receives 25,000 signatures in 30 days, the White House has to acknowledge it. Thanks!
3 Tuesday, 18 December 2012 09:41
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