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May 28th
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Will Christie or won't Christie run for president?: N.J. governor gets big push by wealthy GOP donors

hayneMichael080311_optMICHAEL HAYNE

A new week, a new edition of the Chris Christie presidential speculation. Despite the fact that the gargantuan governor of the Garden state made it his life's quest (even threatening to end his life) to eschew the barrage of questions regarding his decision to run amid a weak field of contenders, the push to get him to run is at an all-time high. After Gov. Rick Perry's abysmal performance in last week's "who hates the poor and gays the most" Republican Presidential debate, Mitt Romney (sadly, the sensible one) looks to be the only viable Republican front-runner. Although Mr. Romney’s salt and pepper, impossibly combed “1950’s all-American dad” look makes him superficially attractive to at least play the role of president in an ABC movie of the week event, Christie is much more attractive on paper to sell as a republican presidential candidate.

Once again, a chorus of major GOP donors has reportedly renewed calls for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to state his bid for the Republican presidential nomination. Christie added fuel to the fire when he told a group at Rider University that the Republican field hasn't produced a viable candidate.

"I think what the country is thirsting for, more than anything else right now, is someone of stature and credibility to tell them that and say, 'Here's where I want us to go to deal with this crisis,'" Christie said, according to the New York Post.

Christie’s YouTube account shows him to be a fearless, straight-talking Jersey guy, but upon further inspection his coziness with Wall Street leaders and his spending habits as Attorney General has revealed Christie is no different than any other politician in recent history. Moreover, money and power — and lots of it —embolden Christie.

Sources show that deep-pocketed donors Charles Schwab of Charles Schwab, billionaire Home Depot co-founder Ken Langone, and New York's second-richest man David Koch of the Koch Bros have all pushed hard for a Christie run. Christie has been put on double secret probation for his now widely known secretive trip to the Koch Bros. multi-million dollar retreat in Vail, Colorado in which Christie delivered an address at a political gathering. The quid quo pro must have been larger than Christie’s Christmas sweater.

Comments (3)
3 Tuesday, 24 January 2012 08:09

Gingrich is arrogant and purely nasty and a big fat liar

Romney is out of touch with the country ...he just don't under stand people that make less then him

Gingrich thinks he smarter then everybody TOTAL ARROGANT!

Gingrich surge in number because he yell at a moderator.....That makes Gingrich supporters seriously STUPID!

How do white Republican think...they rather have a arrogant racist terminated Speaker of the House ,,that to date ….all that worked with Gingrich don't support HIM!

Gingrich calls for war but when the country asked him he apply for deferments 6 times! This is what white Republican wants for the country!

Gingrich like all Republican candidates know their base love to blame and attack non-whites! That why each have made racist comments ...Ron Paul sign racist news letters....Hate and divide works for Republicans! Rick Santorum hates every body and will go to war with two to three country immediately if he becomes President Total racist NUT!

Gingrich as Speaker got welfare reform past....SO WHAT! It's the easiest to attack the poor....Republican agenda is create poverty then attack the impoverish!

Republican create poor then criticize the poor for being poor. Create the need for more American need for food stamps . Then criticize American on food stamps!

Republican G.W. Bush was losing 750,000 a month JOBS …..President Obama stop that! And not JOBS are coming back

Brain Williams didn't asked Santorum why he said he didn't want to give black people other people's money...Then lie and say he said Blah

2010 the Republican retook the house and the country stop working.....Total the FACT! President Obama CAN NOT BE BLAME FOR THE COUNTRY NOT WORKING

Republican voter should not be allowed to vote ...Given the fact they elect the worse President in America's history G.W. Bush

Republican question why nobody on Wall Street not prosecute …..BECAUSE REPUBLICAN MADE IT LEGAL

Deregulation under Republican G.W. Bush create the mess America is in! Bush sold the American citizen out! Just like Romney would DO!

Gingrich was back to being arrogant and evasive in the debates.....just LIE LIE LIE!

Ron Paul looked like a very old weak ridicules sounding politician.....PLEASE DROP OUT!!!

Rand Paul thinks like his father THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW! Too extreme too racist! He needs to lose his seat!

Who are the idiot voter for these Republican candidates AND WHY WHY WHY! They are damaging the country!

Romney is a liar! He said not to do NOTHING to help people losing their homes! Let rich people buy them up....Now he said help them.....LIE LIE LIE!

The so call moral value Santorum marry a woman that may had a abortion and was not marry to her 20 year older lover!

Rick Santorum wife not all that morally better then everybody.....Nor is Santorum.....even those he hates on a level like the 1900

Santorum Hate gays hate UN-marry minorities blacks......many counties ready to start a war and return to Iraq ones he becomes President!

Gingrich and Santorum hated each other while working in Congress together.....Nobody liked Gingrich because of his arrogant racist disrespectful view

The Republican agenda is hate and divide the country....their supporter are for the same and WAR WAR WAR

Watch the way the media and the Republicans LIE! The Republican and the liberal media call President Obama Healthcare plan Obamacare! THERE IS NOT SUCH THING! Republican like Newt Gingrich LIE about the liberal media favoring President Obama …...BIGGEST LIE! The first black President has gotten no breaks from the liberal or right wing media! They demonize Senator Obama's Pastor said Senator Obama associate with terrorist TOTAL LIE! The liberal media has been just as bad as the right wing media toward President Obama! The media lies about the stimulus package and about the accomplishment of President Obama

Sarah Palin the quitter criticize the bully Chris Christie for criticizing the racist arrogant Newt Gingrich! ALL THREE ARE IDIOT!

Gingrich took money from Fannie Mae and Romney has stock in Fannie Mae both are hypocrites for criticizing Fannie Mae!
2 Thursday, 29 September 2011 16:05
The very top sacrifice in America is a American that gives his life for his country! Throughout American history our Presidents and politician have call on American to fight in wars they deem necessary! Million of America have step up to the call and fought and died for their country. Many of these wars are fought by the very poor or middle class! The rich and super throughout American history avoid fighting and dying for their country! American wars have left many American family led by a single parent! In some cases orphan! A new poll has come out that says minorities are disproportionally represented in the two wars!

As a former Marine I know sacrifice leaving your family and your security to keep America safe is hard! Then to deal with the top sacrifice of being killed in war! Now fast forward to Bush/ Cheney! Under Bush /Cheney a unnecessary war was started in Iraq . American fought and died in that war and continue to this day to do so. 4,400 and counting DEAD! Republican have no problem in defending a unnecessary war they have no problem defending Bush /Cheney administration! What they have problem with is supporting a healthcare plan that cover some of the same American military family that were uninsured. Republican fought against over turning the military “don't asked don't tell. At the same time accepting the fact that many gay American have fought and died to keep them safe in America!

As President Obama tried to fix the mess Republican President G.W. Bush started. Republican have fought against the country and the President. President Obama is proposing that the top earner in America paid more in taxes. Or in other word sacrifice some of their earning for the betterment of the country. Seem fair to me when the very poor and the middle-class are sacrificing their lives for the betterment of their country! At a time when the entire country should be behind the President of the United States and behind the country. Tea Party Republicans are still playing hate and divide and blame games!

In 2009 ,2010, 2011, American company are reporting record profit. Yet Republican are fighting for more tax breaks for the rich and super rich. Republicans believe in Reagan proven failure of trickle down economic will work. WRONG!!! Around the country Republican Governors are balancing their budgets off the backs of the poor and the middle-class! Raising the tax code from 35% to 39.6% is seen as criminal by Republican even given the fact that the Bush Tax Cuts have done NOTHING! Also that very same tax rate was under President Clinton ….You know the President that left a surplus!!!!

It is impossible to know how many survivors of the service members killed in Iraq and Afghanistan have struggled with managing the benefits, and in interviews with dozens of military families, only a handful were willing to talk specifically about how they spent the money. Many families use the money to secure children' s futures, pay off mortgages, or otherwise make up for a long-term loss of income. But experts on military families say that they are seeing a growing number of problems, and that young widows - often naive about finance and easily seduced by the glamorous accouterments of pop culture - seem to be especially vulnerable, trying to somehow fill emotional gaps with material things and ending up in debt instead.

But who am I to criticize them, they gave the top sacrifice. Republican won't asked the rich and super rich to sacrifice more of their money for the country! Tax loopholes and tax break have made some rich super rich. CEO are making record salary and using the Republican talking point of “we are uncertain...Which really translate into “we got record profit we could careless about more jobs for American! Twenty million American jobs lost under former Republican President G.W Bush. Many oversea never to return.
1 Thursday, 29 September 2011 16:01

It happen! In 2008 after 43 white only male only President of the United State. The first black President! The country elected Barack H. Obama as the 44th President of the United States. His story is the American story — values from the heartland, a middle-class upbringing in a strong family, hard work and education as the means of getting ahead, and the conviction that a life so blessed should be lived in service to others. With a black father from Kenya and a white mother from Kansas, President Obama was born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961.

He was raised with help from his grandfather, who served in Patton's army, and his grandmother, who worked her way up from the secretarial pool to middle management at a bank. Before Senator Obama became President Obama the attacks started. First it was the attack on his quantification. He was never a Governor of a state. So he didn't have that experience! In my opinion one of the less credible attacks. G.W. Bush was a Governor and turn out to be the worse President in American history. Republican and racist Rush Limbaugh stated” I Hope Obama Fails!

Then it was Bill Aryer an American elementary education theorist and a former leader in the movement that opposed U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. He is known for his 1960s activism as well as his current work in education reform, curriculum, and instruction. Before Obama was born! In 1969 Ayer co-founded the Weather Underground, a self-described communist revolutionary group that conducted a campaign of bombing public buildings during the 1960s and 1970s, in response to U.S. In 1969 Obama was 8 years old and knew nothing of a Bill Ayer involvement in the Vietnam War. Ayer is a retired professor from the College of Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago, formerly holding the titles of Distinguished Professor of Education and Senior University Scholar!

At the time of the 2008 campaign Ayer was a Professor at University of Illinois at Chicago! Yet Sarah and John Mc Cain tried to associate 8 year old Obama and Senator Obama with the Professor past! Then there were the Birther idiot racist that claim Obama was not a American citizen! After that it was a attack on Obama 's church and Pastor and any Pastor that attended the church. They demonize Rev Wright and force Senator Obama to leave his church of twenty plus years!

Then Senator Obama became the first black President and the attacks continue on a level of pure hatred and racist beliefs. The Republican Tea Party was born a racist anti- American group organize just to attack the first black President. Name calling and marches signs of hate and racism. President Obama was called a socialist a monkey a fool and anti-American.

Talk about a racist double standard Jon Huntsman former Governor of Utah and Mitt Romney former Governor of Massachusetts! Both are Mormon a religion that teaches hatred of black people. They also believe in marrying children as young as 12. There are no camera in their churches recording their Pastors. There are no interview of church member. Nobody is trying to interview the sick dying member of the Mormon church like they did Senator Obama.

President Obama receive the country in horrible condition! No President in the history of America has receive the country in worse condition. Two wars and a prescription plan for senior citizen ALL NOT PAID FOR!! Facing a recession 22 million job lost under G. W. Bush many oversea never to return. Losing 750,000 jobs weekly a housing disaster program Bush left the country with and 7.5 trillion dollar debt.

President Obama has gone up against a Republican Party that has voted NO NO NO against anything and everything propose by President Obama. A Democrat Party in fear of siding with the first black President and Fox News 24/7 criticism of President Obama policy and his wife and family members! 43% more death threats then any President before him.

At a time when the country should have came together Republican led the way of divide and disrespect of democracy! White racism and pure hatred stood in the way of a better America. The 2010 midterm election stop the Obama recovery of America. White American brought into the Republican rhetoric! As a result nothing is getting done in Washington. Republican are more concern in regaining power then then country recovery.

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