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Apr 25th
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Wooing N.J. businesses and millionaires pays off for Christie

hayneMichael080311_optBY MICHAEL HAYNE

Ever since assuming office, Chris Christie has been vigorously wooing businesses by cutting bureaucratic red tape, cutting taxes — and putting the interests of business front and center. Unfortunately, he has also managed to toss his massive girth around by bullying teachers, gutting job-creators like the ARC tunnel project, and pretty much screaming at anyone who dares to questions is sometimes faulty reasoning.

Nonetheless, the business community has recognized the Christie's red carpet treatment of them and is now showering him with political contributions.

In an effort to end the Democratic Party’s long fundraising dominance heading into the fall legislative elections, corporations and related political action committees have wiped out their checkbooks and magnanimously donated their money to some of the major state Republican committees the past 18 months.

For quite some time these groups gave $17.9 million to the three major Democratic state committees and just $6.1 million to the Republican counterparts, according to a Star-Ledger analysis of state campaign finance records. But the donating pendulum has swiftly changed and is now firmly in the direction of Governor Christie. The governor has been able to secure the support of the business community’s strong networks by outright bashing unions and making life miserable for the poor and middle class. Case in point, Governor Christie vigorously vetoed the Millionaire's Tax back in June during budget negotiations.

Here's the Governor on his newfound relationship:

"Sure, there are pragmatists that will give to whatever party is in the governor’s office, but with the economy, the pragmatists are a significantly smaller percentage,”

Christie cites his ultra-business friendly policies as justification.

But with the state's unemployment rate teetering at 9.5 percent, higher than the national average, perhaps Christie is building his own ideological brand of business.

State Democratic Chairman John Wisniewski seems to agree with that assessment and criticized Christie for wooing a certain sector of the business community for political reasons.

“His wooing of the business community is designed to promote Christie to the national political party rather than doing anything real and substantial for the state,” he said.

Christie, who stressed the private sector has added 50,000 jobs on his watch, took umbrage to Wisniewski's comments and immediately morphed into Governor Boss Hog.


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