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Mar 04th
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Bergen County blue laws suspended so residents can have access to supplies


In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and in an effort to make utilities accessable for residents, Governor Chris Christie has suspended the Bergen County Blue Laws.

On Sunday Gov. Christie signed an executive order issuing the suspension, which restricts Sunday retail sales according to Teaneck Patch.

In a statement the Governor mentions that citizens need to have access to supplies they need in order to recover.

“During this time of recovery and rebuilding, our citizens must have adequate access to the supplies they need to help return heir lives to normal – particularly those residents who are still without power,” said Christie in a statement.

Christie also made the announcement on Twitter confirming the suspension of the laws in Bergen County.

According to the Star-Ledger Bergen County Executive Kathleen Donovan wrote to the Governor’s office on Saturday requesting that the Blue Laws be lifted.

“As you know, Bergen County has Blue Laws, which prohibit certain items from being sold on Sunday and certain stores are closed,” said Donovan in her letter. “However, we are in the midst of an extraordinary crisis as the result of hurricane/tropical storm Sandy. Bergen County is suffering.”

The Blue Laws are enforced by the state but counties are allowed to opt out according to the Star-Ledger. Bergen remains the only county in the state that enforces the Blue Laws.


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