Entrepreneurs create MyWorkButterfly.com social network to help working moms

Thursday, 21 January 2010 21:44

nathanstarr_optDesperate times call for desperate methods, or so it has been said.

And when it comes to making an impact by reaching out and helping others, Terry Starr and Bradi Nathan stand out among the pack.

And by no means are these entrepreneurial women "desperate housewives."

Starr and Nathan, residents of Livingston, N.J., are the co-founders of Parsippany-based MyWorkButterfly.com — a global social network that provides free resources and a safe haven to help moms return-to-work and help working moms manage the craziness of it all.

"Our passion and purpose? To provide advice, support and solutions for mothers who are contemplating a comeback career, while guiding those working moms who are trying to juggle it all," stressed Starr.

They preach and practice "giving big."

To put it simply, MyWorkButterfly.com is for moms who want to spread their wings.

At last check, MyWorkButterfly.com was doing its compassionate work in 112 countries.

‘We launched just one year ago at the Alpine, N.J. home of famous comedian and actor Chris Rock and his wife, Malaak, who are proud to support our mission," said Starr. "MyWorkButterfly offers 24/7 resources such as a resident career coach and psychotherapist, as well as a national job board. Also, we have experts providing exclusive advice and support in such areas as: Elder care, nutrition, health, fitness, work/life, parenting, travel and of course, money to name a few," she continued.

" Many of the contributors also happen to be New Jersey-based working mothers.

"Ultimately, the moms in the community have access to Butterfly's support, advice and solutions, but of equal importance is the fact that we are empowering them and giving them the tools to become fulfilled, both personally and professionally."

Rock's wife, Mallak, is known for her philanthropy and supports the cause.

One of her favorite sayings is, "Service is the rent we have to pay for living. So if we don't show our children how some people live or some of the bad things going on in the world, how will they ever know how they can help make a difference ... I know I was put on this earth to be more than a mother and a wife."


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1 Tuesday, 26 January 2010 09:04
Sandy Quast
Great website, love your mission! All the best to you both!
Sandy Q
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