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Apr 27th
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Graduation Day has come and gone – Do You Have a Job (yet)?

graduate070509_optBY JOEY TREBIF

Congratulations to all of you College Seniors who graduated. How quickly four year (five years for those of you who are on the "extended" plan) flies by when you are having fun (and maybe studying too). If you already have your job lined up, well a double congrats for you! if you don't, time to focus on that job (because the last thing you want to hear from your parents is the last six words of this blog title). For all of you Juniors, you still have a year but why wait? And for everyone else still in college, time to think about internships. Covering four main topics today:

1. Alumni (and soon to be Alumni) Resources

2. College Interships and Summer Jobs

3. College MBAs

4. Students and Recent Grads

Lots to cover this post — let's get started.
  • Alumni Job Search — to the rescue again! Another site by our friends and this one has an amazing number of resources. Top of the page is the usual links — Search Jobs, Post Resume, Job Seeker Login and Career Resources. Below this starts the long list of links. First section is "Choose Your Career Channel" which is your field of study or interest (almost 30 are listed here). This is followed by Job Seeker Tools (center left hand side) and Featured Companies (center right hand side). Last, but not least, Career Center Resources. But wait, where to begin? Not to worry, on the right hand side of the page are "3 Quick Steps to Job Seeker Success"! Need I say more?

RELATED LINK: — Find hundreds of online applications and printable job forms

  • — It's a very good idea to have as many internships during your college education as possible, but if you are graduating this year and don't have a job, you could certainly still do an internship over the summer until you find full time employment. This site has tabs near the top for Intern Listing, Intern Jobs, College Intern and Intern Board. Below this there is an Intern Search bar to the left and below that is a section for students with plenty of resources. Center section is your main search area where you can subscribe or look at some internships now.
  • * MBA Careers — The name is self-explanatory. This site has links at the top for Job Seeker, Post Resume (register first) and Search Jobs. Job Seeker provides some tools and links, but you should also click on Search Jobs. This link provides a simple search engine on the left with a list of featured employers on the right hand side.
  • * — Jobs, Guidance and Networking is this sites tag line. There are links at the top of the page for Post Resume and Students. On the left hand side of the screen is the Student resource center with a number of links, including Job Search, Resources and Tools. Center page is a listing of featured employers while on the right hand side of the page is a rotating "Who's Hiring" logo. Click on Search Jobs (under Job Search) to search for jobs (you need to register first in order to do this).
  • * College Central — "The nation's largest network of college job seekers" is the tag line for this site. There are two main sections — "Connect To" and "Content Links". Connect To includes Alumni Center and Student Center. Click on these for specialized job search resources and search tools. As an example, the Alumni Center has over 77,000 jobs and over 100 career videos. Content Links includes links to a number of resources including Career Corner with a number of relevant articles.

Good luck in your search.


Comments (1)
1 Monday, 06 July 2009 19:50
Toby Dayton
The other site I would highly recommend looking at is which aggregates and publishes jobs pulled directly from the career sections of company web sites themselves. In June, the site listed an average of roughly 450,000 jobs from over 20,000 companies and the listings are always current, there are no duplicates, and there are no job listings from staffing companies, headhunters, work-at-home scams, etc. When you apply to a position on the site, you are actually applying directly to that company's web site or applicant tracking system. Perhaps more importantly, the search/match quality on is much higher than any other job site because the job listings themselves are much longer and more thorough given that companies are posting the listings on their own company site. This allows for much more granular, highly specific search queries. And finally, the jobs found on are often unadvertised anywhere else on the web. I of course am biased, but I'd argue that LinkUp is the best jobs site on the web today.

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