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Apr 21st
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Study shows consumers pay the price with small cars

smart041409_optHead-on crash tests show minicar buyers are sacrificing safety for economy.
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that when mid-sized cars careened into the Honda Fit, Smart Fortwo and Toyota Yaris  at 40 m.p.h., the small cars did poorly.
"There are good reasons people buy minicars," said Adrian Lund, president of the institute that released the results today. "They are more affordable and they use less gas. But the safety trade-offs are clear from our tests."
The collision tests show that size and weight matter and that the smaller cars cannot protect motorists as well as larger vehicles. The likelihood of injury mounts for the occupants in the minicars, the study found.
The institute crashed the Honda Accord into the Honda Fit, Mercedes C class into the
Fortwo and the Toyota Camry into the Yaris. Damage to the Fit's passenger compartment was extensive, the study found, and the Fortwo went airborne and spun around.
— JUDITH LUCAS, New Jersey Newsroom


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