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May 03rd
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TLC’s 'Extreme Cheapskate' Jeff Yeager on the 4 types of money-saving addicts

moneylogo040411_optPersonal finance authority and the Ultimate Cheapskate, Jeff Yeager, uncover four dominant personalities who are obsessed with saving money and educates consumers on how they can better balance their desire to save, despite the holiday shopping frenzy.

EL SEGUNDO, CA, October 26, 2012 – Saving money is one of the hardest things for consumers to accomplish, especially when so many deals, discounts and spending opportunities lure them into spending money during the holidays. Go Banking Rates evaluates the psychology behind saving money, identifies the various kinds of savers and provides tips on how money-saving addicts can still save money without losing sight of their goals.

“Now is the time to have the conversation with family and friends [you've] given gifts to in the past and ask, ‘How do we want to handle that this year?’ Stuff and objects tend to depreciate, and experiences and memories tend to appreciate.”

-Jeff Yeager, The Ultimate Cheapskate and TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates

In its most recent feature, Go Banking Rates reveals four types of money-hoarding afflictions and how to maintain financial success using each of the savings approaches.

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The four ultimate savers who are committed to saving money that Go Banking Rates identifies:

1. The Tightwad

2. The Frugalist

3. The Food Hoarder

4. The Extreme Couponer

In addition to unearthing the intricate psychology of saving money, Go Banking Rates provides helpful suggestions on how savers can avoid the mistake of focusing too much on the deal.

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