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A federal judge has decided that two Florida pizza shop owners who used to live in New Jersey did not try to improve their business by taking advantage of the New Jersey Turnpike authority.

The Authority filed a lawsuit against Jersey Boardwalk Pizza in July of 2014 for allegedly copying their Garden State Parkway logo.

NJ.com reported that judge William Martini said Jersey Boardwalk Pizza’s only contact with New Jersey residents came from selling branded merchandise online. Shop co-owner Skip Parratt said, "We're all the way in the Florida Keys. It's not like people are going to confuse us."

Parratt and his brother-in-law Paul DiMatteo have store franchises in Tavernier and Homestead, Fla. According to an Associated Press report on NBC 10 Philadelphia, Martini ruled that the business doesn’t have enough contact with New Jersey to have a lawsuit in the state.

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What Does Bankruptcy Mean for Atlantic City? http://www.newjerseynewsroom.com/state/what-does-bankruptcy-mean-for-atlantic-city ATLANTICCITY_opt_copy_copyBY BOB HOLT

Detroit came out of bankruptcy this past December, but that is not in the cards for Atlantic City, according to an emergency management team appointed by Gov. Christie.

A report by Kevyn Orr and Kevin Lavin was released this week.

Lead emergency manager Lavin said Atlantic City’s financial problems were worse than the team thought when they started. NJ.com reported that Atlantic City was $397 million in debt, but according to Lavin, "bankruptcy was not something we are contemplating."

Atlantic City is looking at a $101 million budget deficit, according to the report. According to The Press of Atlantic City, Orr and Lavin’s report call for several hundred layoffs, along with pension and benefit cuts or deferments to save about $50 million. Lavin wants to cut city staffing by 20 to 30 percent.

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300 Words Or Less: In This Town, Towns Is Knicks’ Best Bet http://www.newjerseynewsroom.com/professional/300-words-or-less-in-this-town-towns-is-knicks-best-bet New_Headshot_opt_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copyBY JOEY WAHLER

Should the Knicks be fortunate enough to have their choice, two things separate Karl-Anthony Towns from Duke’s Jahlil Okafor: His stroke and his tongue.

Before you perceive that as obscene, keep reading.

The 6’11” freshman has stepped up lately, excusing his one-point clunker in an undressing of West Virginia two games ago. His 25 points in 25 minutes on 9-of-13 shooting in that two-point cuticle biter against Notre Dame saved the Wildcats’ date with unblemished history.

Averaging 10.1 points and 6.6 rebounds overall, in his last 11 games Towns has risen to 14 points and 7.8 boards, discounting that West Virginia anomaly. Solid if unspectacular numbers, but it’s the Piscataway native’s upside that’s spectacular.

Let’s talk about Towns’ stroke. He’s shooting just 2-of-8 from three-point land, rarely venturing outside the paint. Know how many threes Towns made in high school? Try 127 over his last three years.

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Tale of the Unscrupulous N.J. Bounty Hunter http://www.newjerseynewsroom.com/state/tale-of-the-unscrupulous-nj-bounty-hunter attorneygenlogo_opt.png_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copyBY PETER ASELTINE

TRENTON – Acting Attorney General John J. Hoffman announced that a bounty hunter who formerly lived in Jersey City was sentenced to prison for conspiring in a scheme to have sheriff’s officers sign false documents so he could collect additional fees by claiming to capture fugitives who already had been apprehended by police. He paid the sheriff’s officers for their aid. Two sheriff’s officers previously pleaded guilty to official misconduct and are awaiting sentencing.

Adel Mikhaeil, 50, of Stroudsburg, Pa., was sentenced to six years in state prison by Superior Court Judge Salem Vincent Ahto in Morris County. Mikhaeil pleaded guilty on Jan. 7 to charges of conspiracy, official misconduct, offering an unlawful benefit to a public servant for official behavior, commercial bribery, theft by deception and witness tampering, all of which were contained in a Sept. 30, 2008 indictment obtained by the Division of Criminal Justice Corruption Bureau. Mikhaeil admitted that, in addition to the scheme in which he bribed the sheriff’s officers, he paid bribes to an insurance company executive and an employee of a company that locates fugitives for bail bond insurers in return for giving him more business.

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12 Reasons Northern New Jersey Has Healthiest Counties http://www.newjerseynewsroom.com/healthquest/12-reasons-northern-new-jersey-has-healthiest-counties HEALTHY_optBY BOB HOLT

One of the wealthiest counties in New Jersey has remained the healthiest county in the state, according to a recent study.

A study from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute compared 30 factors that would affect the health of New Jersey’s residents.

Mycentraljersey.com reports that Hunterdon County leads the list for the sixth year in a row. Hunterdon Healthcare CEO Robert Wise said, “This is not merely a reflection of the economic status of the community, but of the abundance and accessibility of quality healthcare services provided by the Hunterdon Healthcare network,”

According to NJ.com, other factors looked at in the study included education levels, crime rates, health care availability, and quality of the air and water. Social and economic rankings comprised 40 percent of a county’s score in the research.

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8 Reasons New Jersey is a Solar Power State http://www.newjerseynewsroom.com/science-updates/8-reasons-new-jersey-is-a-solar-power-state SOLARSUB_optBY BOB HOLT

For all of New Jersey’s problems, our state has shown increasing progress in a somewhat unexpected resource.

A lot more people in New Jersey are looking toward the sun for their electrical power needs.

Solar energy is growing in New Jersey mainly due to the Clean Energy Program and the Solar Renewable Energy Certificates program, according to Clean Technica. A solar project owner can earn a SREC every time his system generates 1,000 killowatt hours of electricity.

These certificates are then deposited in the owner’s account, where they can be sold later, and traded. According to Clean Techica, when the Clean Energy Program was put together in 2001 there were 6 solar projects in New Jersey, and now the numbers are in the thousands, Also, 7,200 solar-connected jobs have been created in the state.

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NJ PARCC Opt Out or Refusal Number Hits 40,000 Mark … and Growing http://www.newjerseynewsroom.com/state/nj-parcc-opt-out-or-refusal-number-hits-40000-mark-and-growing PARCC_opt_copyBY BOB HOLT

The number of families in New Jersey who are against the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers standardized school tests appears to be increasing every day.

Parents have long been debating the effectiveness of the testing being administered to students in grades 3 to 11, and are choosing to opt out of the assessments.

In fact, website NJ Kids and Families calls the PARCC refusals a major phenomenon in New Jersey. The site says according to New Jersey Education Association information from about 200 districts, PARCC refusals appear to be over 40,000 at this point. As many as 2,500 have turned down the testing in Cherry Hill, according to the site.

Currently school districts handle students who refuse the testing to their own discretion. But legislation is now in the New Jersey Assembly that would allow students to refuse the PARCC tests.

Planet Princeton reports that one bill would allow parents to opt their students out from the tests, while a second bill would organize a task force to examine the effectiveness and administration of PARCC. In the first bill, parents have to notify their school that their student won’t be taking the test 14 days in advance of the testing.

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Check Out the Fastest-Growing Counties in NJ http://www.newjerseynewsroom.com/style/check-out-the-fastest-growing-counties-in-nj hudson_optBY BRUNILDA SANCHEZ
The U.S. Census Bureau recently reported on where the heaviest population growth in New Jersey was concentrated last year.

The fastest-growing county in New Jersey between July 1, 2013, and July 1, 2014, was Hudson County, whose population rose 0.8 percent over the period. Hudson County was followed by Bergen County 0.7 percent, Middlesex County 0.7 percent, Union County 0.6 percent and Ocean County 0.5 percent.

With respect to numerical growth, Bergen County added 6,138 people over the period, more than any other county in the state. It was followed by Middlesex County, which grew by 5,482 people, Hudson County 5,209, Essex County 3,632 and Union County 3,216.

Bergen County is the most populous county in New Jersey, with 933,572 residents, followed by Middlesex County and Essex County.

This information is based on annual population estimates for each of the nation’s counties, county equivalents, metropolitan statistical areas, and micropolitan statistical areas since the 2010 Census and up to July 1, 2014.

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'New York City Spring Spectacular' Review: Radio City Music Hall Packs a Massive Entertainment http://www.newjerseynewsroom.com/movies/new-york-city-spring-spectacular-review-radio-city-music-hall-packs-a-massive-entertainment ROCKETTES_optBY MICHAEL SOMMERS

The “New York Spring Spectacular” truly lives up to its title at Radio City Music Hall, where the fabulous Rockettes, Broadway baby Laura Benanti, “Dancing With the Stars” idol Derek Hough and a sizable all-singing, all-dancing ensemble merge with awesome visuals to celebrate Manhattan in the spring.

To fully describe this gi-normous 90-minute extravaganza is impossible, but safe to say that nothing like it can be found anywhere on Earth.

This family-friendly entertainment runs along a slim but efficacious narrative devised by playwright Joshua Harmon that involves a New York sightseeing guide whose little operation is bought by Jenna (Benanti), a rich technology mogul who intends to remake the tour into a virtual reality affair. A heavenly agent named Jack (Hough) materializes to convince Jenna otherwise by whisking her along on a song-and-dance excursion among sundry landmarks to prove that there is nothing like the real thing.

(One can argue, of course, that what emerges onstage is not actually real either, but who’s arguing?)

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Advance Newspapers Laying Off More Journalists in New Jersey http://www.newjerseynewsroom.com/economy/advance-newspapers-laying-off-more-journalists-in-new-jersey jobs_opt-2BY BOB HOLT

Some struggling New Jersey newspapers are teaming together in an effort to remain relevant today.

The relatively new company NJ Advance Media will soon be expanding into four of its affiliates. But more jobs look to disappear in the process.

NJ.com reports that NJ Advance Media will be supplying advertising, content, and marketing for The Times of Trenton, The South Jersey Times, NJN Publishing and The Express-Times starting on May 1. There are expected to be some job losses, but the amount was not known.

The Express-Times of Easton, Pa. expects to face layoffs. According to The Morning Call, the paper has faced two rounds of cutbacks, moved its headquarters and announced another relocation, and seen publisher Lou Stancampiano retire.

Employees are expected to have individual meetings to learn if they will be offered employment at NJ Advance Media.

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