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Jul 07th
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Delicious, fatty foods that will help you lose weight

weightloss122611_optBY MIKE OLIVA

It’s easy to think eating fatty foods will make you fat. But don’t get the wrong impression; healthy fats can suppress appetite while improving heart health and fueling your metabolism.

So put down those detrimental trans fats and saturated fats. As cited in Yahoo! Health, pick up these 5 delicious fatty foods that will also help you lose weight:

1. Dark Chocolate

Good news: Dark chocolate will help you flatten your belly. Better news: You can and should have it before every meal. A recent study found that when men ate 3.5 ounces of chocolate two hours before a meal, those who had dark chocolate took in 17 percent fewer calories than those that ate milk chocolate, according to Yahoo! health. The research indicated that the pure cocoa butter in dark chocolate contains digestion-slowing stearic acid, and because it takes more time to process, it keeps you feeling full longer.

2. Coconut

Coconut is high in saturated fat, but more than half comes from lauric acid that is known for battling bacteria and improving cholesterol. A study published in Lipids found that coconut oil reduced abdominal obesity. Try pinching unsweetened flakes on your yogurt or cereal to take advantages of the fat burning powers of coconut.

3. Olive Oil

A recent study in Obesity found that diets infused with olive oil resulted in higher level of adiponectin, a hormone responsible for breaking down fats in the body. Make olive oil a part of your cooking fat oil, or in your dressings and sauces, if you want to take advantage of its cancer-fighting polyphenols and heart-strengthening monounsaturated fats.

4. Almonds and Almond Butter

Despite high fat content, abundant research indicates almonds can help you lose weight. A study from the International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders reported that the test group, which had extra fat supplied by almonds experienced a 50 percent greater waistline reduction than the control group. Don’t like almonds? Use almond butter in your oatmeal, spread it on toast, or just eat a couple of spoonfuls as a snack to get your daily intake of almonds.

5. Grass-Fed Beef

Paying a little extra for grass-fed beef may be worth the money. A study in Nutrition Journal found that grass-fed meat contains higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, known to reduce the risk of heart disease. Grass-fed beef is also naturally leaner and has fewer calories than other meat. Yahoo! health suggests a 7-ounce conventional strip steak, trimmed of fat, which will only run you 386 calories and 16 grams of fat.


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