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Jul 05th
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5 ways to boost your workout and reach your fitness goals

zimlikiTara102912_optBY TARA ZIMLIKI CPT, CSCS

You have all seen the individual that mopes around the gym and barely snails through their workout. Just watching them makes you tired. There is a lack of passion and energy in their fitness regimen. Part of you may even have the desire to pull them aside and motivate them to exercise harder and smarter. But rationality kicks in that you should probably look the other way to avoid insulting this person.

According to numerous recent studies by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology high-intensity training is twice as effective as normal exercise. And you will burn more calories in your one hour work out. What’s more by boosting your workout you can improve your oxygen use, endurance and strength. This is better for your heart and mind!

As a personal trainer and fitness lover on a day to day basis I find myself pushing my clients and myself to work out to the next level. There are days when my clients come to me tired from a long day and I push them to find their inner strength and boost their workout. And in my personal fitness I have the same struggles. This morning I went for a 15 mile run and my body wanted to slow down out of being tired from a long week and fear that I may not be able to hold that pace for 15 miles. Rather than giving in I pushed myself to work harder. I ran harder up the hills and sprinted at every downhill. I not only boosted my workout but I finished with a great sense of accomplishment. You can utilize this training also to meet and exceed your fitness and health goals. You can always push your workouts to the next level. You can work out stronger harder and more efficient in a safe and effective way.

Here are five ways to increase the intensity of your workouts and reach your fitness goals:

1.) Do you want to burn more calories and eliminate fitness boredom? Then integrate interval training into your fitness program. Interval training in the past was mainly seen in elite athlete workout programs but today people of all fitness levels are engaging in this technique. The increase in interval training is because people have caught on to the benefits. To give my clients an effective workout I make interval training part of their every workout. According to the Mayo Clinic “Interval training is simply alternating bursts of intense activity with intervals of lighter activity. And the best part of interval training is that you will burn more calories. The more vigorously you exercise the more calories you’ll burn— even if you increase intensity for just a few minutes at a time.” So go ahead and start adding intervals into your fitness program and with the quick results you will see you will be glad you did!

2.) Want to add a great exercise that will help you to burn more calories and challenge you? Then consider including the burpee. The burpee is a surefire exercise to work your total body and get your heart pumping. This exercise is used for strength training and it is aerobic. The burpee will definitely boost your fitness routine. To perform this exercise: a)Begin in a standing position b) Lower your body down into a squat position with hands on the ground c)Kick your feet back while lowering yourself into a pushup d)Return your feet to a squat position while raising your arms e) Take a vertical leap with your hands above your head. Few exercises combine as many muscle groups as the burpees. The burpees essentially combine a squat, pushup and vertical leap! Because of the power and explosion of this exercise it is one of my favorites!

3.) What are your fitness and health goals? Write down your goals in a visible place and reflect on your goals daily. Set specific goals. If you have a goal of losing 15 pounds write this down and take it one day at a time. If your goal is to run your first 5k map out a training plan to help you to achieve this. Whatever your fitness goals are state these specific goals, set a plan and you will be on your way to accomplishing your goals!

4.) Do you want to get even more out of your workouts? Then focus on a mind muscle connection when working out. When performing diamond pushups focus on the triceps and how this muscle feels when you are performing the diamond. Do not think about your daily chores but focus on the muscles you are working. The key is to keep this focus. Likewise, when performing a sit up focus on the rectus abdominus and feel the muscles engaged. By using the mind muscle connection you will become in tune with your body and every workout will be more productive.

5.) Finish strong. Finish every workout with extra effort and passion. If you are out for a run end your run with a sprint. If you are in a workout class finish the last 15 minutes with your eyes off the clock and your focus on fitness. I make sure I finish every workout strong and push even harder for the last 15 minutes so I end my workouts feeling even more accomplished. Finish your workout with a smile! After all you have just boosted your workout to the next level. You are now well on your way to achieving and surpassing your fitness goals.

Remember to work out to your full fitness potential and increase the intensity of your fitness regimen by following the tips I provided. If you follow these tips along with eating healthy nutrient dense meals you will reach your goals and you will have a new lease on life. You will become the person you deserve to be and have the energy you have always dreamed of. There is only one person that stands in your way so get off your bum and work your body strong. You will be glad you did!

Tara Zimliki is a Certified Personal Trainer and founder of Tara’s Bootcamp, the Premiere Bootcamp of New Jersey. She has completed 19 marathons, hundreds of 5ks and has trained with top athletes at the University of South Carolina where she was awarded a full cross country scholarship. Tara has a degree from Rutgers University and specializes in fat loss and nutrition. In 2005, Tara ran the NYC Marathon while 8 months pregnant with her 2nd daughter, Ella. In 2008, Tara placed in the top 500 women for the NYC Marathon. And in 2011, Tara ran the NYC Marathon 6 months pregnant with her 3rd baby, Brent. Tara has been featured on many television segments including Fox, WPIX, NJ 12 and written dozens of articles on health. Tara’s practices what she preaches in all aspects of fitness and health and for this reason she is a trusted trainer that produces results. For more information on Tara visit www.tarasbootcamp.com.


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