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Jul 03rd
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A spoonful of sugar may help you quit smoking

cigarettes_optBY BOB HOLT

A recent study in self-control may provide benefits for people who are trying to quit smoking.

Researchers learned that a little sugar on the tongue can increase a person’s energy and attention span, and improve their self-control.

Fifty-one students from the University of Georgia were recruited for tests involving sugar, or glucose. The Jagran Post reported that they were initially asked to cross out all of the letter Es from a book.

Death and Taxes reported that researchers then ran a test known as the Stroop task, where participants identified the colors of words shown on a screen that spelled out other colors. Half of the students gargled with lemonade sweetened with sugar before the Stroop experiment, while the rest used lemonade containing artificial sweetener.

The test volunteers who gargled with the sweetened lemonade were found to identify the colors much faster than those who rinsed with artificial sweetener.

The Stroop task only took about five minutes, so study author Professor Leonard Martin of the University of Georgia said effects of glucose on long-term self-control are not clear. He said, according to Mail Online, ”If you are trying to quit smoking, a swish of lemonade may not be the total cure, but it certainly could help you in the short run."

Martin added, “It can enhance emotive investment and self-relevant goals.”


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