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Jul 04th
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Aisle seats ward off blod clots

plane040409_optWhen it comes to air travel, nobody really wants a middle seat. But a lot of people clamor for either a window or an aisle seat.

The perks of the window seat: You get to enjoy a view of the land below, clouds, sunsets, and other things that help pass the time. You're also somewhat more insulated from people passing by in the aisle.

The perks of the aisle seat: It's easier to get out of your seat and head for the bathroom. It's also the most strategic location if you have to rush to get on a connecting flight.

However, according to a new study, the choice is clear.  Pick an aisle seat, because it can ward off potentially dangerous blood clots.

Paper:Window or aisle seat? Go aisle on planes, says study



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