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Jul 05th
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Eight ways to motivate yourself to better fitness

healthylivinglogo080610_optBY MICHAEL W. SMITH, MS, CPT

It’s time to conquer the day!

Let’s face it: We live in a demanding and fast paced society. We have children to raise, sporting events to attend, meals to cook, jobs to work, lawns to mow, errands to run, and the list continues on. We have all the best intentions — but sometimes, we just lose our inspiration.

I admit, it’s hard even for a trainer like myself — I sometimes have moments where I just don’t want to do my workout or prepare my meals ahead of time. I just want to be lazy from time to time, too. However, once in a while that is OK, but if you are finding yourself lacking motivation on a daily basis, well … something has got to change.

Start Small

Start with a simply goal that you want to achieve, like eat more vegetables or attend a boot camp three times a week. Become consistent at a small goal before adding in more.

Focus on One Goal Completely

Let’s go back to the boot camps or exercise class 3 times a week. Write it in your schedule WITH PEN, so you can’t erase it and put something else in there.

We make a habit of overwhelming ourselves with this idea of losing 10 pounds by next Friday and we fall short. Start small, work at it, and become unfailing with that goal.

Examine Your Motivation

Do NOT make the mistake of depending on someone else to motivate you 100% of the time. You have to learn to get yourself moving towards your goals. Even when you have that perfect trainer that can get you to push yourself, you still have to depend on yourself to get to that trainer. You have to SHOW up for your own goals. So start talking to yourself in a positive way to keep your own drive going.

Be Passionate About it

Let’s be real, if we’re not passionate about something we won’t find the time to do it and we won’t put in the effort to do it effectively. You can’t just go through the motions in this life. You have to push yourself and the easiest way to do that is to REALLY WANT IT!! Find out what you truly want: Is it to fit into that size-6 dress by that New Year’s Eve party or get your blood pressure down? Are you passionate about gardening, then start your own vegetable garden and really get into it and eat healthier, too.

Commit Publically

If you keep your goal to yourself, no one will be there to keep you accountable. We all need accountability in our lives so make sure you announce your new goal to your family and friends. As a caution, though, only tell those that are able to encourage you, not negative people who will put you down. We need to surround ourselves by people that impact our lives in a positive way by supporting us, especially on days when we just don’t want to do it!

Get Excited

Be excited about the change you are embarking on, embrace it, announce it and go after it. When you are excited it creates a BUZZ around you and gets everyone else excited. Others can’t help but to share in your passion and that is motivating.

Build Anticipation

When others know what you are after they get just as excited about it as you are, they can’t wait to hear your updates. Family and friends will start gathering around you asking you how much weight you lost this week or ask about what you did at that boot camp.

Print it Out, Post it Up

It’s impossible to reach a goal if you’re not reminded constantly what it is your after. Type up your goal, print it out, and post it where you can see it. I would post it everywhere; next to your night stand so you can read it before you go to bed, on your bathroom mirror so you can read it while you brush your teeth, on your fridge so you can remind yourself of how you need to eat today, and on your desk so you remember what’s the important task to accomplish today.

There you have it: The keys to successfully motivating yourself! Every day is a new day so keep practicing it and stay positive. Strive towards them every day and stay focused on one goal at a time.

Conquer the day,


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