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Jul 05th
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How to lose fat: 31 tips

weightloss122611_optBY MACK ARMSTRONG

I know you’ve tried everything to lose fat, but now it’s time to try something that works. If you practice these 31 fat tips, you will lose fat. Even better, you’ll lose it for good.

Fat Loss Tip 1. Intensity counts.

We’ve all seen it…the people at the gym that bring their magazines, thumb through them for 30 minutes while they ride a recumbent bicycle and call it a day. Simply going to the gym doesn’t mean you’re going to lose fat. Going to the gym and putting in an effort does. If you’ve got a beer belly, put the magazine down. It’s time to kick up the exercise intensity.

Fat Loss Tip 2. Food isn’t the enemy.

If you’re starving yourself to lose fat, you’re probably not going to lose anything. When you don’t eat, your body thinks you are in starvation mode and you start storing more fat than ever before. Don’t give up eating. Give up eating too much.

Fat Loss Tip 3. Cook more at home.

Smothered, covered, scattered, whatever. If you regularly eat at restaurants, you’re more likely to be obese. That’s because restaurants add hidden sources of fat you don’t even know about, like butter and cream. When you cook at home, you know what you’re putting into your food, and that’s why you’ll lose fat if you do.

Fat Loss Tip 4. You’ve got to get your ZZZ’s.

How many of you have hit the alarm clock and skipped your morning workout because you were too tired to get out of bed? Without enough sleep, you can’t power through the type of workouts you need to lose fat. If you can give yourself even 15 minutes more sleep a night, you’ll be more likely to lose fat.

Fat Loss Tip 5. Stress can add to your abdominal fat.

Stress doesn’t feel good to anybody, and it definitely doesn’t do wonders for your body fat. When you get stressed, your cells release leptin, a hormone that reduces your hunger and is associated with reduced body fat. Next thing you know, you’re reaching for food, and it’s probably not an apple. Take deep breaths, exercise, do something you like to do—whatever gets your stress levels lower.

Fat Loss Tip 6. Kick trans fats to the curb.

Trans fats are the enemy of anybody trying to lose weight. They don’t add anything to your foods (they just let them sit longer on a shelf) and they are almost guaranteed to add fat to your body. Before you eat anything, read the food label. If it’s got trans fats, don’t eat it.

Fat Loss Tip 7. Make exercise a habit.

What’s the best workout? The one you’ll do. If you’re keeping crazy hours trying to work out in the morning when you’re really better when you work out at night, stop trying to force a pattern that’s not going to happen for you. Set up a routine you can keep and stick to it.

Fat Loss Tip 8. Slow down your eating.

When you eat fast, you’re really tricking your brain in a bad way. Every time you eat, your stomach has to basically make a phone call to tell your brain you’re eating and on your way to getting full. But your brain doesn’t exactly answer on the first ring. It takes about 20 minutes before your brain to signal to the rest of your body that you’re full. If you eat faster than that, you’re more likely to overeat.

Fat Loss Tip 9. Healthy snacks are good snacks.

Burning fat is a matter of getting your metabolism going enough to reduce the size of your fat cells. What’s not going to get your metabolism burning is sticking to the old “three-meals-a-day” mantra. There’s nothing that can slow your metabolism faster because it puts your body through a crazy cycle of feast-or-famine. I tell my clients they have to snack, and it needs to be choices that will help your body, like fruits, protein shakes, nuts, or natural peanut butter.

Fat Loss Tip 10. Throw out unrealistic expectations.

The biggest thing that can sabotage your fat loss is your mind. You think you’re going to lose 10 pounds of fat in your first week of exercising and eating healthy. You’re not. I’m not being harsh, I just don’t want you to expect some crazy fat loss that’s not good for your body. Fat loss takes time. But you’ve got your whole life ahead of you to not be fat.

Fat Loss Tip 11. You can lose fat eating fats.

Not all fat sources in your foods are bad for you. Candy, chips, French fries, cakes, and pies—those fats are bad for you. Dark chocolate, olive oil, salmon, nuts, and avocados—those fats aren’t bad for you if you have just a little bit a day.

Fat Loss Tip 12. Cut back on the alcohol.

Alcohol basically acts like a remote control, turning on your body’s fat storage mechanisms. Not only that, alcohol increases your blood sugar, which makes your body store more fat in your stomach. If you really want to lose fat, you’ve got to limit your alcohol intake to one to two drinks once or twice a week. Period.

Fat Loss Tip 13. Get up out of your desk chair.

Our bodies are made to move, not sit at a desk for hours at a time. But if you do, you’re more likely to gain fat. I’m not telling you that you’ll lose a hundred pounds by getting up and moving during work, but you’ll probably feel better and you’ll definitely have less fat. At least every hour, stand up, stretch, and walk around.


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