FDA warns of fraudulent online pharmacy websites

Thursday, 30 June 2011 12:40
drugcosts062911_optBY CAROL ABAYA

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA‚ has issued a warning about online pharmacies, a number of which sell fraudulent and unregulated medicines. The FDA says a person’s health and life can be threatened by fraudulent websites.

Such sites are very sophisticated and look legitimate. However, the risks, according to the FDA, include:

The FDA encourages buyers to thoroughly research an online site before ordering.

Other medical alerts:

Medical information online may be outdated and factually inaccurate. In some cases, information is not written by medical professionals, but by people with no medical background or knowledge. In some cases, the article was written by a non-expert, yet appears over an expert’s name. I have been contacted by people writing for certain medical sites seeking information about The Sandwich Generation, about which I am an expert. By the questions, I know these writers had no medical knowledge and knew nothing about the aging process or psychology.

To make sure the website is a legitimate source of information, ask yourself the following:

Talk with your doctor before acting on anything you read online.

For quality information, some sites include: