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Jan 30th
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For men: What is and is not sexy

deRosaVicky101711_optBY VICKY DeROSA

Guys, do you ever wonder what is sexy and what isn’t sexy? Can we talk for a second?

Well this is just one girl’s opinion but I do have a feeling however, that what I find sexy and not so sexy might probably be popular opinion. Now I do know that sometimes you may not have a wife or a girlfriend to bounce a look or idea off them. So let’s make a list of “no, no’s” or perhaps things that you should always keep in mind.

  • Rough hands are not sexy. Maybe for you rugged men out there you need to be told again, moisturize. And that goes for your face too, don’t be afraid to moisturize your face. Oh and guys, make sure your face is damp when you do.
  • Funky feet! Really?! Should this be your problem, for goodness sake go in for a pedicure, and if you’re too embarrassed to, do it yourself.
  • Ugly jeans, dad jeans, out of style jeans; whatever you want to call them. If you truly want to be sexy invest in a decent pair of jeans and make sure they fit you well.
  • Why does the whole world chew gum? Is there anything attractive in chewing gum? Well obviously I don’t think so. It’s noisy, silly and by the way you should know by now usually full of poison!

Want to be sexy? Find out what color really works with your complexion and buy different styles of shirts in that color. Your face will always look more attractive if the right color is next to it (not sure, check out my blog on colors).

  • T-shirts…only if you’re under 12! You know the kind I’m talking about, yes the kind that only children wear. Leave them to the teenagers guys.
  • Hair, really try hard to find a style that works for you and your face. Pick a great hairdresser and listen to him or her. If you’re on a budget, in between visit a less expensive salon. But hair can make such a difference.

Interested in looking sexy? Well you will never do it by wearing scruffy, banged up, unpolished shoes. Pay close attention to what your shoes look like every day. Here’s a tip. Are you in New York? Grand Central Station, best shoe shine in the city; four bucks.

What is the best way to never be sexy material? A frayed collar. Toss them! Or, wait…how about using them to polish your shoes?

Bring sexy back…I think all women love French cuffs. Splurge, oh and make sure you also splurge on great cuff links. Why not pair these with jeans, a cool blazer and a pair of well polished shoes.

One thing that ain’t sexy, and this I know for sure. Too much cologne or aftershave (does anyone out there still use aftershave?) please, just don’t do it guys.

How can you appear sexier…great posture. How to get it, stand up against the wall. The back of your feet, your bum and the back of your shoulders should be touching the wall. That, my sweet, is your perfect posture.

Fastest way not to appear not so sexy…bad breath. We’ve already talked about parsley haven’t we? Don’t want to carry around a fresh bunch of parsley? Well dried will work too!

Lastly, but of equal importance and maybe even most important bad manners will surely not help your sex appeal. Oh but I shall save this for another blog because I have much to say on this topic.

Guys, these little things go a long way. These are not just for sex appeal obviously. More important than anything else they will make you feel better about yourself. When you walk around feeling your very best you simply just feel “better” about yourself and confidence is always sexy. I bid you farewell until tomorrow.

Have a fantastic, healthy day.

Vicky DeRosa is Founder and CEO of Studio V Health Corp. For more information check out


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