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Jun 02nd
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Health myth busters: Frequently asked questions

deRosaVicky101711_optBY VICKY DeROSA

Well I thought it might be fun to rain on your parade. No, I’m just kidding. Actually I did think it would be interesting to point out some myths and maybe general questions that I periodically receive from you.

Contrary to popular opinion, and this is one that just keeps perpetuating, tea does not have more caffeine than coffee.

Sea salt and kosher salt are not healthier than table salt. Get over it baby! It’s all salt, any which way you shake it (same amount of sodium in all three).

Bottled water is not always best, filtered water is usually better.

Here’s a question that many people are asking: What can they do if they get bored with raw nuts? Well that’s easy, roast’em baby! I’m serious, they’re out of this world. Chop up some walnuts and almonds, place in a baking dish and bake at 425 until golden brown.

Many people have ask:

Should you use coconut oil on their bodies or eat it? Well yes you guessed it, eat it. But just one teaspoon per day.

How much chocolate per day? Well the gloomy answer is, just one or two squares, of dark chocolate that is (70 percent cacao).

Which is healthier, butter or margarine? Oh my goodness if you have to ask, I’m failing in my job. Butter of course folks.

Egg white omelets better? I will talk about this until I just can’t talk about it anymore. The yolk is good for you!

Pretzels or chips? Ah, that is the real question. I’m not going to answer this one, look it up in my blogs. I’m sorry, just kidding. Obviously I’m in a jovial mood at the moment. Why the answer is chips of course. The right potato chip is far healthier than a pretzel.

Canned beans…must you really? Dried is always better, but canned is OK in a pinch. Read the label on the can before you throw it in your cart.

Cell phones, are they dangerous? Well I don’t know but with all the noise about them I choose to limit the amount of time I hold that funky little thing next to my ear.

“All natural”, well yeah you guessed, does not always mean all natural.

Oh yeah, and if you’re out and about and you order bottled water in an effort to be healthier, for goodness sake, don’t use the glass of ice next to it.

This is one of my favorites, next time you walk into a joint and you avoid touching everything in the place (door handles and such) don’t reach for the bowl of nuts sitting on the bar. Oh my goodness, any idea how many dozens of hands may have touched those nuts?

Think you’re OK using vegetable stock do you? Well how do you feel about MSG? No kidding, make sure you check all ingredients.

Oh my goodness, this is a frequently asked question. Is Truvia all natural? Answer…no, no, no, no.

Oh so many myths, so little time. Need not worry folks, I have plenty in me for another blog and another day. I do love your questions however, so keep them coming. Here are two of my favorite thoughts. And these my friends are not myths. So do what you can to live by them.

  • If it doesn’t have a mother and it doesn’t come from the earth, don’t eat it!
  • Eat breakfast like a king, eat lunch like a prince and eat dinner like a pauper.
  • Make today and every day a healthy day.

Vicky DeRosa is Founder and CEO of Studio V Health Corp. For more information check out


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Comments (1)
1 Wednesday, 16 November 2011 19:00
Diana McCalla
Even more important than the per cent of cacao is how the cacao beans are processed. Commercial processing destroys most of the antioxidants. Then you have the processed sugars and bad fats that are added back in. So waalaa - you have "Candy". I personally eat 4 to 5 pieces of the "right" kind of chocolate every day. I have lost 10 pounds, gone from a size 8 to a size 4, and no longer take pain pills for the arthritis in my hips and hands. There is a great article on the difference between "good" chocolate and "bad" chocolate at and

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