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May 28th
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'Healthy' cigarette alternative may help millions quit

cigarette031811_optBY BOB HOLT

There are more than 46 million Americans who still smoke despite the known health risks, and the latest warnings being added to cigarette packs. Now researchers at Cornell University have brought a new angle into the equation: they’re trying to build a better cigarette.

The researchers have added lycopene and grape seed extract to cigarette filters, which drastically cut the amount of free radicals that pass through cigarette filters and into your body, according to Everyday Health. Free radicals are cancer-causing properties that come from cigarettes.

UPI.com reported that the researchers’ work was published in the Journal of Visualized Experiments, an indexed video journal.

Study co-author Dr. Aaron Kolski-Andreaco said that the best cigarette for your health is none at all, but a less toxic brand may help millions unable to quit. Healthier cigarettes have been introduced in the past, but were too costly to bring in much on the market. Newswise reported that the introduction of hemoglobin and activated carbon into cigarettes have brought a 90 percent reduction in cancer-causing properties in the smoke.

TG Daily points out that the addition of the antioxidants may only work best for heavier or chain smokers. And the filters have shown a loss of effectiveness in beating the free radical components after being stored at room temperature for just a week.

The JOVE video journal can be viewed here.


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