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Jul 07th
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Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas: 'Come hungry, leave in an ambulance'

The restaurant does display a warning for its patrons. A sign over the entrance of the Heart Attack Grill ostentatiously reads, "Cash Only: Because You Might Die Before the Check Clears."

According to the restaurant's proprietor, diners are called "patients", and any “patient” who weighs over 350 pounds, can eat for free.

The restaurant's website even theatrically boasts the experience is a, "Taste worth dying for!"

But some local residents believe a heart attack is no laughing matter, saying the warnings are obviously not taken seriously by those who dare to enter at their own risk.

"I don't think I would walk into a place, even if it's called the Heart Attack Grill, and order food, and expect that I was going to have a heart attack," Las Vegas resident Debbie Kaye told

Since the incident, Basso appears to be taking the heat for his unhealthy menu.

"I don't mind if people demonize me because that's part of our shtick, we're the bad guys of the hamburger industry," Basso said, but did not indicate any plans to reconsider the restaurant's current menu or policies.

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