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Jul 07th
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N.J. medical marijuana delayed by state Senate

medicalmarijuana011110_optBill holds off implementing until Oct. 1

The state Senate Monday voted 27 to 5 in favor of legislation that gives the Christie administration an additional 90 days — until Oct. 1 — to implement New Jersey medical marijuana bill, or as it is officially known, the New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act.

Proponents had hoped to see the law go into effect Thursday, the beginning of the state government's 2010-11 fiscal year, but Christie asked for the delay in order to prepare health and law enforcement officials for the new service.

Sen. Nicholas P.Scutari (D-union) sponsored the initial bill.

"While I believe this program should have been ready for implementation as originally scheduled, I agreed to grant the administration additional time out of respect for a genuine effort on their part to ensure it's done right.,'' he said. "This was not an easy decision, as thousands of sick and dying residents are in desperate need of the relief provided by the medicinal use of marijuana. Further, this law was signed in January, giving the administration six months to sort out questions concerning growth and distribution.

"While the governor's office requested up to a year delay, another 90 days is a reasonable compromise,'' Scutari said. "But let me be clear, I expect the administration to move expeditiously to complete its work by the new deadline. Too many people suffering with severe and debilitating illnesses, some of them terminal, have already waited too long."


Comments (3)
3 Thursday, 01 July 2010 07:54
Maui 420
The whole issue of the state growing, selling & profiting from Med MJ is so hypacritical... many are in prision right now for growing and now the STATE is going into the drug production and sales on a CARTEL level...
Aside from that... there are few if any growers on the east coast that are able to grow the quality needed... much less some state worker, or school who has no experience... import a Cali, Canadian or Dutch grower to set it up...
The corruption is going to be over the top... the Republican cronies will be raking it in on this one....
2 Monday, 28 June 2010 19:52
Tank Risco
This delay is utter nonsense. Argue against the benefits of Medical Marijuana (if you must and if you can), but the delay in implementation is just pure bureaucratic nonsense. Does Gov Christie really need three months to figure this out? Make a decision and move on to the next issue. I bet he has no trouble ordering dinner (and that's not a fat joke, even though he is indeed fat).
1 Monday, 28 June 2010 17:31
joe spinal
until anyone can truly walk in the shoes of those who are affected by the foot dragging and hand sitting of insensitive politicians who choose to play the waiting game such will remain the status quo. six months was plenty of time to have the implementation of this program facilitated. the reason that it has not been is clearly a distorted sense of priorities and a blatant disregard for legislative process by the current elected officials. the 'compassion' and sensitivity towards the suffering of others is just not seen as any justification warranting the progressive move forward in the timely manner - a manner specified, passed and signed "into law" by the previous (corzine) administration. ohhhh ... yes, that's right ... EX-gov. corzine. i suppose that, in that context, these delay tactics make sense! this is clearly a case of government inaction or government in action - you make the call!

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