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Jul 08th
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Reebok giving refunds for EasyTone shoes

easytone100111_optBY PAM LOBLEY

Reebok International has set aside $25 million for refunds on its EasyTone shoes. It has done this in response to allegations by the Federal Trade Commission that say the shoes were ‘deceptively’ advertised.

Reebok had claimed that their EasyTone shoes would increase the muscle tone in your legs and buttocks just by wearing them and walking around. A better body for doing almost nothing? Who would ever make a claim like that?

Reebok had commissioned a small study at the University of Delaware, in which five women wore the shoes and were measured on a treadmill. Five women? That’s a study? That’s not even a book club.

The women wore sensors that tracked their muscle activity while they wore the EasyTones, then they wore regular Reebok Express shoes, then just walked barefoot. The EasyTones provided the most muscle activity. The shoes themselves have "balance pods" at the heel and toe so that air pushes back and forth as a person walks. Reebok claimed that those pods increased muscle engagement.

So, pushing a lot of air around gives you a great physique? If that were true, members of Congress would all look great.

David Vladeck, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, says advertisers need to be more responsible in their fitness claims and that their claims must be backed by sound science. Reebok stands by its claims, but is paying the refund to avoid a protracted legal battle.

I guess they just decided to foot the bill.

Refunds will vary in amount from less than $50 to up to $100, depending on the type of shoe. Also eligible for refunds are the EasyTone capri pants, shirts and bras. The shirts/bras claimed that the fabric contains “Resistone bands” which creates resistance as you move, increasing muscle tone. Wait …wearing a super tight shirt that restricts movement doesn’t make you fitter? Tell that to the Kardashians!


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