Rep. Pallone criticizes Republican effort to cut funding for family health centers

Wednesday, 23 March 2011 14:06

pallonefrank021210_optSpeaks on first anniversary of federal health care reform act

On the first anniversary of the federal health care reform act, Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. (D-6th) Wednesday spoke out against the effort by the Republican majority in Congress to cut funding for community health centers.

Pallone said the proposal would end funding for 127 health care centers nationwide, including the Monmouth Family Health Center in Long Branch. The congressman said Monmouth Family Health provides care for thousands of underserved New Jerseyans.

If Republicans approve the funding cut, the proposal would move to the Democratic-controlled Senate where it would meet strong opposition.

“The best example of how effectively these community health centers serve patients is right here in Long Branch at the Monmouth Family Health Center,” Pallone said. “For those who utilize the center for prevention such as immunizations, diagnostic testing and prenatal care, their health relies on the care the center provides. Primary care is tantamount to good health and we will continue to build on our health care reform efforts to continue to make it more accessible.”

Pallone said it’s been proven that regular preventive care visits to a doctor improve overall health and decrease reliance on costly emergency room care, which is why expanding access to preventive care is a key part of historic health care reform.

“Taking away patients’ rights piece by piece and repealing health care reform is not what millions of people who can now get health care want to see,” Pallone said.