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Jul 04th
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The HCG diet: Being 'pregnant' makes you thinner?

diet052511_optBY PAM LOBLEY

There’s always a hot new diet out there. Now there is a hot, old diet out there, developed 50 years ago by a doctor in Rome. The plan involves taking injections of HCG, the hormone normally present in your body when you’re pregnant, while you simultaneously limit your calories to 500 per day.

Being pregnant makes you thinner? Please. I have two kids, and during neither pregnancy did I experience weight loss.

There is anecdotal evidence that this diet works, as happy patients and the doctors who charge them will avow. The injections must be administered in a doctor’s office, and the entire program, supervised by a doctor, can cost over $1,000 a month. Paying all that money clearly motivates the women to stick to the diet, and many have seen results. But let’s be real -- the women are starving themselves on 500 calories a day. That’s why they’re losing weight.

HCG is approved by the FDA for fertility use, not for weight loss use. You don’t have to go to a doctor to get HCG, you can simply purchase HCG drops over the internet. Doesn’t that sound safe and reliable? A 45-day supply costs about $99. You can also go natural with an HCG homeopathic version, which costs about the same as the regular HCG.

I guess I can understand starving yourself if you’re desperate to lose weight. But starving yourself while pretending you’re pregnant? The only thing worse than eating just 500 calories a day, would be eating 500 calories a day while feeling pregnant. When I was pregnant, I was hungry. Not just regular hungry – bear waking up after hibernation hungry. And it’s not just that my appetite increased, it’s that food tasted more succulent than ever. My senses were heightened, especially my taste buds. Going into the grocery store literally gave me a buzz. I would swoon at oranges that were juicier than I’d ever known, apples crisper, Twinkies spongier. I savored every bite, all nine months long.

The most hilarious promise this diet makes is an attractive “redistribution” of the fat on your body. Well, it’s true, pregnancy does cause a redistribution of weight, but … attractive? My husband thought so … until month eight, when I became freakishly large. Let’s just say that when we went to the mall, we had to park at the end of a row, because if we were between two cars I could not get the car door open wide enough to get out.

The claim for fat redistribution is based in the idea that the presence of the hormone can create a more toned body, because it stimulates the production of male hormones and increases muscle mass. That’s why Manny Ramirez, the baseball star, took HCG. He was suspended for 50 games, and people generally assume that this was because he was caught taking an artificial hormone. However, that is not the truth. He was suspended because he was getting all teary and choked up every time he saw a cute baby in the stands, and it was throwing off his game.

Gals, seriously? Did you not go to college? This is a scam. Even if you do lose weight in this way, you’re going to put it back on. Starvation diets are famous for taking off the weight but then, because you’re so hungry, prompting over eating afterward which makes you gain even more weight back then you lost. Plus, tricking your body into thinking it’s pregnant by taking HCG carries a risk of possible side effects like blood clots, depression, and headaches.

Not to mention the uncontrollable urge to watch reruns of “Eight is Enough” on DVD. Some things just aren’t worth the weight loss.

Pam Lobley writes the “Now That’s Funny” column. Sign up for her mailing list at


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Comments (6)
6 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 09:50
Julie Wright
Diet Doc HCG Weight Loss is the only modern day hcg diet that does not utilize 500 calories per day. A few years ago, our doctors found that 500 calories per day was in essence a starvation diet. We were seeing many people who were extremely hungry, with hair falling out and who were extremely fatigued. The Diet Doc physicians reinvented the old 1950’s Simeons protocol to one that utilizes approximately 800 to 1200 calories per day without feeling hungry.
We are weight loss experts. We specialize with helping people who have failed on other weight loss protocols. We know how to personalize the diet for each person so that individual realizes up to one pound of weight loss per day.
Call us today to learn more 888-934-4451 or visit us at
5 Saturday, 18 June 2011 13:31
When I asked my family doctor about this, he said the doctors doing this were practicing bad medicine. Also, the people I know who did this take a phenterimine and do 800 calories a day (4 shakes and 1 bar). How could you not lose lots of weight?? My sister-in-law has done well, but everytime she gains a couple pounds she goes back to 800 calories for a few days. It does seem like an unhealthy way to lose weight.
4 Sunday, 29 May 2011 01:20
Jacob Blackmon
Creative Bioscience Ushers in the Next Generation of Diet Supplement With the Launch of hCG Zero!

hCG diet
hCG drops
hCG weight loss
hCG diet drops
Would be nice if people writing articles like this spend a little more time to study something more professional than merely "Cosmopolitan"

The fact is that there is no substantial information to say that hCG diet works , which does ot mean it does not work.

Just FYI - I am not selling of hCG or practicing weight loss, I have no any financial interest to advertise. I am just a physican myself to make my own research in professional literature to find out that this subject has NOT been studied well to come up with conclusions.

I personally became a guinea pig and tried it on myself and lost increadible weight on this diet and it helped me a lot like nothing else, REPEAT nothing else included 1600 cal diet with 6-days-week work out, atkins diet, south beach diet...

BTW - you can buy a course of real, doctor prescribed HCG as I did for only 150$

BTW - starve yourself for 40 days if you lose 40 lb of fat - you can apply for Noble PRize

Sorry, reading this article leaves impression that author is comletely unprofessional and noncopetent in thistopic
2 Thursday, 26 May 2011 12:39
Julie Wright
Diet Doc HCG Weight Loss is the ONLY hcg diet in the USA that doesn't support a 500 calorie/day diet. Why? Because 500 calories per day is unsafe. Our team of physicians modernized the old 1955 Dr. Simeons hcg diet protocol to modern day clinical and nutritional standards. Patients eat from 800 to 1200 calories per day and still lose up to 1 lb. of fat per day. Diet Doc HCG Weight Loss also found that it's not necessary to do a 20 or 40 day hcg program, people can stay on their hcg protocol for the term of their weight loss. We will show you how!

Diet Doc actually trains physicians across the USA on their proprietary weight loss protocol. Call 888-934-4451 or visit them at
1 Wednesday, 25 May 2011 16:12
Hcg diet very dangerous and the weight comes right back in a month. You experience chest pains also


A European filmmaker has been reversing weight problems in NON diabetics with a Diabetes diet.

It has been giving people who have a hard time losing weight a normal body weight fast

It is now used in 10 countries. ALL weight issues are caused by Food chemicals and he shows how to reverse it

if you are Diabetic or not


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