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Jun 02nd
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Thinning hair? Here is food for thought

Let me point out what you should be thinking now, aha foods rich in protein and low in “bad fats.” Green leafy vegetables and bright vivid colors be aware of all of these foods and ensure that you are getting a daily dose of them.

If you’re trying to maintain good hair, I do hate to break this to you, you may want to limit the following:

  • Greasy foods
  • Cold foods
  • Spicy foods
  • Sugary foods

These can be taxing to the body which could in turn, tax your scalp.

Speaking of your scalp here’s a tip I like to give often; aloe vera gel or extra virgin olive oil, massage into your scalp once in a while (not before a big date however) your scalp will love you for the attention and the nutrients in these.

Before I end this blog I would like to say I am not sure about all the herbs that are out there touting miracles for thinning hair, but I will tell you in my opinion; you could try saw palmetto or ginseng, these really are considered effective. One last thought; drink lots and lots of green tea, green tea is simply glorious for the hair and don’t forget to nosh your way to good hair.

Vicky DeRosa is Founder and CEO of Studio V Health Corp. For more information check out


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