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Jul 01st
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Running outside beats the treadmill, finds study

treadmill120511_optBY BOB HOLT

According to a new study, road race runners looking to improve their times should get used to the cold this winter as opposed to training indoors on a treadmill.

Research has found that people walking on a treadmill had to set the incline to 3 percent to match the energy expended from a walk on flat surfaces outdoors.

Lead researcher Professor Luigi Fattorini of the Sapienza University of Rome said running on uneven territory outside uses 10 percent more energy than running on a smooth treadmill, according to ThePostGame.

Also, Tung Yin from Oregon Live points out that there is no outdoors air resistance on a treadmill, so he suggests adjusting the machine’s incline to achieve more effort. A nine mile an hour breeze is said to make a runner use 5.5 percent more energy than on days without wind.

Lin notes that running outdoors offers better scenery and motivation, and allows a runner to set their own pace. Inside, the treadmill sets the pace for the runner. But he adds that relying on the treadmill too much can limit a runner’s progress.

Using the treadmill still has great benefits, according to "3 Fat Chicks on a Diet" blog. You can reduce the risk of injuries, and you can still get in your running during days of inclement weather. The site recommends that treadmill users run longer than they would outdoors to burn the same amount of calories.

And running on pavement requires the proper kind of footwear to save pain your knees and legs absorb from the pounding.


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