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Jun 29th
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What N.J. men find sexy in women

deRosaVicky101711_optBY VICKY DeROSA

With New Year’s Eve right around the corner the timing seems perfect for us to discuss the do’s and don’ts of what is sexy in a woman.

This is by no means my opinion mind you, the following is simply information gathered from men young and old around the world. What I have found interesting is that the information does not seem to change with time. What was sexy or not 50 years ago seems to still be true today. So here goes ladies, take the information with a grain of salt or take it to heart. Either way I think you will enjoy the information we have gathered.

Why don’t we go from head to toe, shall we?

Hair, lighter is not always better. Long is great but color and length do not matter as much as healthy hair. So if your hair is very long, but not very healthy, that will simply be not very sexy.

Makeup, here’s where less is more. Seriously, unless you’re a runway model, stay away from an abundance of makeup; especially dark lipstick.

Eyebrows, you and I may like them thin, but apparently men do not. Thinner eyebrows are never sexy from what I hear. So if you can avoid them, do so.

Lipliner, you and I may love lipliner but men just don’t get it. So what to do? Nude lipliner of course! Get as close to your lipstick as possible for it to even make sense.

Cleavage, it’s OK certainly but here’s the key; cleavage always means skirt to the knee or pants.

Skirts, how short or how long? It really is OK to go short except of course when you are showing cleavage. That’s right, you’ve guessed it, you simply cannot show legs and cleavage at the same time. So pick one and do it with class. What’s the point? A mini skirt with a turtle neck is a great look! A shimmery, sparkly, sleeveless top is great paired with a long skirt or pants. Can you imagine the cleavage and a mini skirt at the same time? Ohhhhhh, I don’t think so.

Legs, pantyhose are not really considered sexy.

So, whether it’s hot or cold your choices ladies seem to be bare legs or tights. Sorry, I didn’t make up the rules.

Nails, this one might surprise you. When they appear fake they are not so sexy. So whether they are very short or not, as long as they are natural they somehow appear sexier. Oh, and generally speaking, if you’re over 16 stay away from the nail art. Red still seems to be a color that men love. But browns and black…not so much. The trendy colors apparently only impress us.


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