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The crowded daytime talk show scene just got a little less so this week. And feeling the fallout was a New Jersey native.

“The Queen Latifah Show” will not be around for a third season.

Latifah’s show was cancelled on Friday. A Wrap story on Yahoo TV revealed that the program averaged about 1.4 million total viewers. Latifah had only signed for two years when the show first began. One Wrap source accused Latifah of “phoning it in the whole time.”

The Queen Latifah Show began in September 2013, and featured celebrity interviews and human interest stories. People reported that during an interview, actress Rene Russo admitted that she is taking medication for bipolar disorder.

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Pallone Speaks Out Against Proposed Sandy Hook Fee Increases http://www.newjerseynewsroom.com/state/pallone-speaks-out-against-proposed-sandy-hook-fee-increases sandyhook_opt_1_copyBY SEAN DUGAN

Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. (NJ-06) issued the following statement in response to the U.S. National Park Service’s proposal to increase Sandy Hook’s camping and parking fees:

“Sandy Hook is a treasure along the New Jersey shore that should remain affordable for anyone who wants to visit, regardless of his or her economic situation. I want to see the park continue to encourage tourism, create recreational opportunities and serve as an economic driver for the local economy.”

The new parking fees are under consideration for 2017.

Daily parking at Sandy Hook will increase from $10 to $15 for most vehicles. Season parking passes will cost $75 instead of $50.

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Christie Administration Approves $1.3 Million Incentive for Energy Efficiency Technologies to be Installed at the New Prudential Tower http://www.newjerseynewsroom.com/science-updates/christie-administration-approves-13-million-incentive-for-energy-efficiency-technologies-to-be-installed-at-the-new-prudential-tower energy_opt.pngBY GREG REINERT

TRENTON – Today, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities approved energy efficiency incentives totaling over $1.3 million for installation of energy conservation technologies at the New Prudential Tower in Newark, NJ. The measures are expected to result in energy savings of $646,898 annually.

Viridian Energy and Environmental utilized the incentives available through New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program™ (NJCEP) Pay for Performance program on behalf of The Prudential Insurance Company of America. They will incorporate efficiency technologies into the 765,708 square foot New Prudential Tower’s construction including LED and fluorescent interior lighting fixtures, lighting occupancy sensors, high efficiency boilers, daylight dimming sensors, high efficiency chillers, regenerative braking on elevators, improved wall insulation, exterior louvers for self-shading and other measures.

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3 Reasons Our Willie Geist is Safe at NBC http://www.newjerseynewsroom.com/nation/3-reasons-our-willie-geist-is-safe-at-nbc GEIST_optBY BOB HOLT

Today Show co-anchor Willie Geist, a former Ridgewood resident, has been the subject of conflicting stories the past few days.

Geist and co-host Natalie Morales were reportedly fired from the morning program. But their jobs are safe.

For now. NBC News President Deborah Turness issued a vote of confidence for her entire news team. “Today has the best anchor team in morning television," she said, according to The Huffington Post. “In response to the false rumors that have been circulated about our anchor team, NBC wants to be absolutely clear: The rumors are wrong -- period. This is the team we are committed to, and this is the team that our viewers turn to in the morning."

The rumor was started by Us Weekly. A magazine source said Geist and Morales "were recently told they were fired." The magazine said Geist had already lined up a job at CBS.

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5 Reasons Menendez Likes Obama’s Immigration Plan http://www.newjerseynewsroom.com/state/5-reasons-menendez-likes-obamas-immigration-plan menendez_opt_copy_copyBY BOB HOLT

President Barack Obama’s immigration plan unveiled on Thursday may protect 5 million undocumented immigrants. Democratic Senator Bob Menendez supports Obama’s use of executive action in the plan.

House and Senate Democrats have sent Obama letters over the past two weeks in favor of improving immigration reform. Menendez’ name was on a letter from Monday.

"Immigrant communities have waited too long for House Republicans to catch up with the American public’s support for comprehensive immigration reform," the letter read, according to The Washington Post. "We strongly support your plan to improve as much of the immigration system as you can within your legal authority, and will stand behind you to support changes to keep families together while continuing to enforce our immigration laws in a way that protects our national security and public safety.”

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Raw Vegan Holiday Recipes for Those Unconventional Guests http://www.newjerseynewsroom.com/healthquest/raw-vegan-holiday-recipes-for-those-unconventional-guests Dancing_On_The_Table_column--Cranberry_Sauce_A_LOrange-1-reduced_optBY JUDY POKRAS

What do you do when a relative or friend you’ve invited to your holiday table turns out to have a very different diet, one that excludes meat, fish, poultry, dairy, eggs, pasta, bread and anything else that has been heated or cooked? Indeed, the raw vegan lifestyle, as it is known, is not a common one, but it’s one that is good for health, as it places an emphasis on fresh vegetables, especially organically grown ones, and other nutritionally dense foods.

Authors like Joel Fuhrman, M.D., and Gabriel Cousens, M.D. have pointed out that a diet abundant in fresh vegetables and some fruits, nuts and seeds is good for our health. The New Jersey-based Fuhrman advocates what he calls a “nutritarian” way of eating, with a lot of fresh produce, whereas Cousens favors all raw vegan.

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75 Percent of Frequent Hospital Users in 13 Low-Income N.J. Communities Have Behavioral Health Conditions http://www.newjerseynewsroom.com/healthquest/75-percent-of-frequent-hospital-users-in-13-low-income-nj-communities-have-behavioral-health-conditions behavioral_optBY STEVE MANAS

More than a third of hospitalization costs in 13 low-income New Jersey communities are associated with behavioral health conditions, including mental health disorders and substance use, accounting for $880 million in annual inpatient costs, according to a new Rutgers study.

The report by the Rutgers Center for State Health Policy (CSHP) also found that 75 percent of patients who are classified as “high users” – those with at least four hospital stays between 2008-2011 – were diagnosed with one or more behavioral health conditions compared to 32 percent of less-frequent users.

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Vampire Romance Set in Iran Has Style to Spare http://www.newjerseynewsroom.com/movies/vampire-romance-set-in-iran-has-style-to-spare alone2_optBY MIRIAM RINN

It seems vampires are a problem not only for love-starved American teenagers. They stalk Iranians too, especially those who have fallen off the path of the righteous. In “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night,” a pretty, young-looking vamp wearing a chador preys on the lowlife of Bad City, acting sometimes like an avenging angel and other times like a hungry bloodsucker. This droll indie first feature by writer/director Ana Lily Amirpour maintains a bemused attitude toward its various characters and manages to paint an intriguing portrait of life in the Islamic republic.

While the film is set in an oil-drilling town in Iran and is in Farsi, it is a product of the Iranian community in Los Angeles, the largest outside of Iran. Amirpour shot in a vacant California oil town and drew her actors from the L. A. Iranian American arts community. The soundtrack is a mixture of Middle Eastern and American rock, and since Amirpour was a member of a band for years, music plays a large role, both as background and as plot device. The resulting film feels both foreign and familiar, like Jim Jarmusch’s work.

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Amarillo, Still the Real Texas http://www.newjerseynewsroom.com/travel/amarillo-still-the-real-texas DSC_0096_optBY BOB & SANDY NESOFF
The perception of most Americans of Texas and the Old West relies on B-movies and television shows. The reality is that the Real Texas is like neither the Battle of the Alamo nor the prime time soap opera, Dallas.

In fact, the “Real Texas” is nothing like the city of Dallas as it is today or even San Antonio, home of the Alamo.

The small cities and towns that populate most of the country’s second largest state still hold true to the cowboy and rancher ethos of a century ago.

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Exploring the History of Migraines and Politics of Gender and Health http://www.newjerseynewsroom.com/healthquest/exploring-the-history-of-migraines-and-politics-of-gender-and-health HEADACHE_optBY ROBIN LALLY

What comedian hasn’t joked “not tonight honey, I have a headache,” to describe the scenario of a cold, neurotic wife who will do anything it takes to avoid sex.

Still used to elicit a chuckle, the punchline is so universal that Rutgers sociologist Joanna Kempner used it as a title for her new book, Not Tonight, Migraine and the Politics of Gender and Health to shed light on how the severity of migraines have been diminished because of this longstanding cliche.

In her book, Kempner, whose own migraines began when she was only 5, examines how migraines disrupt so many lives yet still continue to be trivialized by so many. She asks why migraines aren’t taken seriously by doctors, policymakers or society at large.

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