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Jul 06th
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China and New Jersey: Perfect together

chinathumb021612_optThe elephant in the living room now available at Garden State Plaza.


To some, China is not only over-populated but in our hands and on our backs; everywhere, every day with stuff that lines the shelves of all 26 malls in New Jersey. With the most malls per square mile out of all 50 states, that’s a lotta clothing, toys, refrigerators, luggage, Christmas decorations, dog food, and laptops. Like we're hungry for Chinese food, we crave for more stuff.

What's funny is that for a culture that’s all around us, we seem to know very little about what makes the Chinese tick. What we do know is probably more stereotype than typical. Maybe we’re in the dark because the numbers behind China are one mindboggling superlative after another, based on data drawn from the CIA World Fact book and the U.S. Census Bureau:

-Exports to U.S. up 130%

-Population over one billion

-Civilization over 4,000 years old

There’s even a comedy running on Broadway called "Chinglish" that chronicles the journey of an American businessman who travels to China looking to score a lucrative contact for his family's sign-making firm.

Then there’s the scary-perfect 2010 Olympic Opening Ceremonies. Inches apart, 4,500 hundred performers never touch. Not once. The anthropologist in me notices two things going on here 1) The Chinese predilection for saving face and 2) Being Collectivists, the whole group’s performance was tantamount to any one person.

To understand this ancient salesman we buy our stuff from, the visual graphic below from Infographic World begins to tell us the story behind those huge numbers, like human rights (down at the bottom) that claims China executes more criminals per year than the entire rest of the world combined.

Next up: "China Part II – Hey, I Thought Texas Was Trigger Happy"

Lisa La Valle-Finan is obsessed with culture and writes about local and current events with a global eye. She welcomes all comments at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . More information is on her company’s website


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