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May 04th
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Indian woman beheaded by father over loss of 'honor'


We don’t live in the Victorian era or even the time of 1950’s housewives. We live in the 21st century—a time long past the sexual revolution and initial crusade for women’s rights. Gone are the days when a woman’s worth is tied to her “honor,” rooted in avoiding sexual promiscuity. Or are they?

This past Monday, a man in the Indian village of Dungerji Ka Guda viciously murdered his daughter when he beheaded her for dishonoring his family through alleged extramarital affairs. According to Fox News, Narayan Singh, a relative of the man, stated, “He told me that he took the sword out, and when the daughter was all alone in the house he beheaded her with a single stroke and the head fell on the ground.”

Afterward, the man, Oghad Singh, entirely unashamed of his crime and covered in blood, actually took the head into the village and spread word of his actions to villagers before giving himself up to police. As Fox News reported, one of the officers who witnessed Singh’s arrest said that Oghad sitting in the police station with the head and sword was a “ghastly sight”.

As reported by The Indian Express, the victim, Manju, was just 20 years old. She had left her husband, with whom she had an arranged marriage. Her subsequent affairs angered her father. An elopement with a man two weeks ago prompted the murder.

When arrested, Singh “admitted immediately that he killed his daughter because she had earned a bad name for the family,” officer Ranjit Singh told Fox News.

The killing shocked and saddened villagers. The victim’s mother and sisters were not among the funeral guests. As women, they could not attend the service, as dictated by certain Indian village’s customs.


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