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Jul 04th
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Spanish movie theater selling carrots in tax protest

carrots111312_optBY BOB HOLT

The concession stand at Quim Marcé’s movie theater in Bescanó, Spain appears to specialize in vegetables. But there’s a reason.

The theater basically trades the purchase of a carrot for free admission to a show. Newser reported that Spain recently increased the tax on theater tickets to 21 percent, so Marcé responded by selling his customers carrots for $16 in exchange for free theater entry.

Carrots are plentiful in the area of the theater, and are only taxed 4 percent. The tax of 21 percent has been applied to culture and the arts in Spain since September.

But economist Fernando Fernandez called the move tax evasion. "We may like it because it has to do with culture, and we like people going to the theater,” he said, according to NPR. “But this is called tax evasion."

"I thought about lettuces, but it wasn't practical to have everybody lugging something that big around from seat to seat," Marcé said, according to the Independent. "And as for tomatoes, what if people started throwing them at the actors?"

Theatre revenue is down 30 percent in Barcelona since the tax increases went into effect, while 20 per cent of Spanish cinemas are predicted to close around next summer. Spanish government says the tax increases are needed to avoid a potential bailout.


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