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Mar 28th
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(VIDEO) U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan slaughter sheep with baseball bat

sheep121911_optBY MAINAK BANERJEE

Animal abuse is no doubt wicked and condemnable. But, it’s really an unusual and heinous act when the instances are caught and documented on camera. These documentations are important, however, as they in a way reveal the abuse to the world.

Among many distressing war videos that have surfaced out of the hostile war ridden areas of Afghanistan, animal activists are calling this one of the most horrifying and heart rending videos of all time.

On Nov. 24, 2011, a video clipping from Live Leaks appeared on YouTube and caught the attention of the viewers within a short period. The clipping revealed a band of US soldiers dragging a sheep into a crowded room and crying in delight as one of their fellows brutally banging its head with a metal baseball bat. As this cruel play goes on, a band of young and thrilled Afghani children join as the soldiers cheer the slaughter until the dead body of the animal is dragged out of the view of the camera.

As of now, the US Army has just released one statement stating that they are looking into the matter. However, animal activists have expressed their huge concern over the issue as in the past only minor disciplinary actions were taken against such similar offences.

According to the LiveLeaks, the brutal incident took place on Nov. 6 and as an indispensable part of the holy festival of Eid. The website goes on describing that the barbaric slaughter was:

“to represent a sacrifice made by Abraham of a ram when the angels told him that he had fulfilled the dream ordering him to sacrifice his young son, at which he laid down the knife and sacrificed the animal instead...”

Though there is no doubt that the soldiers are trying to make use of this holy festival as an excuse for the brutal assassination of such a pitiable animal, sacrificing an animal using a metal baseball bat is nowhere written in the holy Quran.

After the video went viral on YouTube, concerned animal activists have started a petition and requested President Barack Obama to entirely investigate the killing and bring those perpetrators to justice. They have further initiated a protest from the social networking giant Facebook and requested the users to decry this heinous act of the so-called brave soldiers.

On the official Facebook event dedicated to the cause, Gayle Fraley – the event organizer, told:


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