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Today, April 22nd, Pivot will air a 24-hour “Earth Day” marathon of environmentally focused programs about our precious planet. Starting at 6:00am ET, the day will be filled with captivating shows and documentaries on the Earth. The marathon will include airings of Future of Water and Last Call at the Oasis, History of Earth, The Great Invisible, and original programs such as “Fortitude” and “Angry Planet.”

* The Future of Water is the future of humankind. How water will run in our societies will determine the future of our environment, power relations, the balance between rich and poor, war and peace and the destinies of countries and continents. Nobody can escape the consequences.

* Last Call at the Oasis looks at the global water crisis facing our world, illuminates the vital role water plays in our lives, exposes the defects in the current system and shows communities struggling with its ill-effects.

* History of the Earth details how Man first started cultivating the land, which forever altered living conditions, our way of thinking and lifestyle. These changes affected religious and political developments and global distribution of power.

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Sexting an Issue at Some NJ Schools texting_optBY BOB HOLT

An investigation at two Cape May schools has led to a series of invasion of privacy charges.

After an initial alert, investigators uncovered cases of “sexting” at Lower Cape May Regional High School and Richard M. Teitelman Middle School.

NBC 10 Philadelphia reports that 19 juveniles and one adult were charged with invasion of privacy for transmitting nude and partially nude photos of female students on social media.

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Does New Jersey Have the Death Penalty? gavel_opt-1BY BOB HOLT

New Jersey residents are pretty clear on how they feel about Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev receiving the death penalty for his crimes.

According to a recent poll, sentiment is higher in favor of the death penalty than it was nine years ago.

Politicker NJ reports that according to the latest Fairleigh Dickinson PublicMind poll, 57 percent of New Jersey’s residents said they favored the death penalty for certain crimes, while 36 percent were against it.

In 2006, 54 percent of respondents supported capital punishment in the state. “With the Supreme Court decision on lethal injections looming, and another federal defendant sentenced to death, sentiment in New Jersey is squarely on the side of allowing the practice to continue,” said Krista Jenkins, PublicMind director, according to The Press of Atlantic City. “A majority would undoubtedly agree with the decision to sentence the Boston bomber to the ultimate penalty.”

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Mom: When a Dream Becomes Her New Reality policemf62514_optBY BOB HOLT

One of the worst things a person can hear is that someone close to them has been involved in an automobile accident. My mother was the one who informed me that a death had resulted from the crash involving our family. Mine.

My mother has not yet been diagnosed, but exhibits symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. She is 86, and I am her only child. And 2015 will be the first Mother’s Day I’ve spent with her as anything other than the woman who raised me.

That vision of an accident my mother had seen was part of a dream. She said she’d been told in the dream that my late father and I had been in a car wreck. The story went that he’d been badly injured in the crash, and I didn’t survive.

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Free ‘Coffee With a Cop’ Spreads Around New Jersey coffee052011_optBY BOB HOLT

Police in Hawthorne, California held the first Coffee with a Cop event in March of 2011. The idea is to meet and interact with community residents on neutral ground.

Now Coffee with a Cop is beginning to take hold in New Jersey. reports that on Wednesday, May 27, the Pitman Police Department will be holding Coffee with a Cop at the Wawa on 3 S. Woodbury-Glassboro Road between 9 and 11 a.m. Police Chief Robert Zimmerman said, "The Pitman Police Department is always finding new and innovative ways to build better bonds with the community. We want the public to see us as regular people, good people and not just faceless uniforms. This is another way to extend the olive branch and build trusting relationships during these most difficult times."

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NJ Animal Beat: Invaluable equipment for 1st responders could save your pet dogmask052715_optBY PAT SUMMERS

A small, relatively inexpensive device could mean the difference between life and death for your pet in a house fire. If your local fire and/or police department has it at the ready, a pet-sized oxygen mask could save your much-loved animal companion.

Designed to provide supplemental oxygen to animals suffering from respiratory distress or smoke inhalation, pet oxygen masks are on the way to becoming standard equipment for first responders.

I first learned about this lifesaver on The, a daily collection of images and news briefs about animals. A March story about how two cats in Oregon were successfully resuscitated by firefighters using pet oxygen masks came with information about one source of free pet masks for fire companies: Invisible Fence, the company behind the system for keeping dogs safe in their own yards.  (

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NJ Mother’s Day Gift Ideas crystalballroom042915_optBY BOB HOLT

Do you have your Mother’s Day gift for Mom yet? May 10 isn’t that far away.

We’re not ones to nag, but we’ve put together some ideas that should help you make it a special day for Mom this tear.

There’s still time for an old favorite that always makes for a good time. For those of you in Monmouth County, how about a Mother’s Day brunch in the Crystal Ballroom at the Radisson Freehold. Offerings include French toast and fresh blueberries, sesame salmon with orange ginger sauce, penne with shrimp and scallops, and a whole lot more. More information can be found here.

If you’d like to take a healthier route, My9 New Jersey suggests a Mediterranean dinner, fruit baskets, or a custom gift basket. You can even try a gym pass if you think your mother would like that. If she’s more traditional, go with some dark chocolate.

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What Do NJ Police ‘Ghost Cars’ Look Like? ghostcar052415_optBY BOB HOLT

Some people call them entrapment. New Jersey State Police say they’re just trying to keep the roads safe this holiday weekend.

They’re talking about the latest idea in law enforcement used by local police. It’s known as a “ghost car.” reports that the New Jersey State Police have introduced black Chevrolet Caprice cruisers with a frosted image of their logon on the side panel. State Police Capt. Stephen Jones said, "We've had unmarked cars for years, and it is an effective way to catch that segment of idiot drivers who behave dangerously on the roads until they see a marked car."

The vehicles are being called “ghost cars” on social media, and Jones says they’re easier to identify than unmarked cruisers. According to, he noted that some criminals try to portray police in unmarked vehicles, so police advise drivers to pull over in a public area if they are being stopped in a desolate section.

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Has Dr. Oz Lost His Mind? DROZ_opt_copyBY BOB HOLT

If it walks like a duck and looks like a duck, etc. Cliffside Park resident Dr. Mehmet Oz says he is a doctor, but he doesn’t dispense medical advice on his television program.

Huh? Dr. Oz responded to criticism by 10 doctors who called for Columbia University to remove Oz from their staff recently.

"It's called The Dr. Oz Show,” Oz said, according to Business Insider. “We very purposely, on the logo, have 'Oz' as the middle, and the 'Doctor' is actually up in the little bar for a reason. I want folks to realize that I'm a doctor, and I'm coming into their lives to be supportive of them. But it's not a medical show."

According to The Huffington Post, the 10 doctors said in their email to Columbia that Oz has displayed an "egregious lack of integrity by promoting quack treatments and cures in the interest of personal financial gain." Oz responded, "I know I've irritated some potential allies in our quest to make America healthy. No matter our disagreements, freedom of speech is the most fundamental right we have as Americans. And these 10 doctors are trying to silence that right."

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Atheists Get a Victory in New Jersey licenseplate061111_optBY BOB HOLT

Shannon Morgan of Leesburg called her choice of vanity license plates free speech. The state Motor Vehicle Commission described it as “objectionable.”

Morgan is an atheist, and requested “8THEIST” for her license plate in 2013. reported that District Court Judge Freda Wolfson has ruled that Morgan can proceed with her lawsuit against the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission that alleges a violation of her free speech rights. Her attorney Jon Green said, "We're saying its censorship of viewpoint and Judge Wolfson basically said you can't do that."

According to, Commission administrator Raymond Martinez blamed the plate rejection on a computer error, and said Morgan’s choice would be accepted if she applied through the mail. But Morgan’s suit says the Commission has not “amended or repealed its regulation that grants Commission officials the discretion to prohibit ‘offensive license plate expressions.”

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