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Jul 06th
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Was Steven Tyler's 'Star Spangled Banner' unworthy of 'American Idol'? (VIDEO)

tylersteven012211_optHere’s a suggestion: maybe major league sports franchises should take their cues from their minor league counterparts when it comes to booking talent for the singing of the National Anthem.

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler mangled The Star-Spangled Banner when he screeched his way to the ever-growing list of celebs who have hit the wrong note. At least in the minors, amateurs usually have to audition first and not slide in because of their fame.

Tyler joined the dubious list of worst anthem performers along with Roseanne Barr, Christine Aguilera and Michael Bolton, to name a few.

According to People.com, the raucous crowd heckled Tyler, 63, when he flubbed lyrics and missed more than a few notes before Sunday’s Baltimore Ravens-New England Patriots AFC Championship game in Foxboro, Mass.

He sang "as bomb bursting in air" instead of "the bombs bursting in air" and "oh the land of the free" instead of "o'er the land of the free," as well as struggling to hit some of those high notes and stay on key.

Tyler, who is one of the judges on the popular American Idol show, offered a performance not worthy of making it to the next round, critics said. However, polls have Barr’s awful rendition as the worst – so far.


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2 Tuesday, 24 January 2012 18:37
steven tyler is a disgrace
1 Tuesday, 24 January 2012 14:01

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