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Mar 29th
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‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’ review, trailer: Flirts with wildness

Even in this story about real-ish relationships among regular — that is, white, middle-class — people, the characters relate to each other in movie terms. When Hannah finally gets together with Jake, she — speaking as Emma Stone, movie ingenue — says she knows how the PG-13 version of their night plays out.

Who talks like that, other than someone in the Biz? Why does Stone's scene still proceed as the PG-13 version?

While Tipton is charming as Jessica, she's waaayyy tolerant of Robbie's self-defeating crush. While almost all American directors were — or still are — 12-year-old boys, this is yet another movie that devotes too much time to rewarding their concerns.

Some of this is rationalized by presenting Cal as a devoted father. But his youngest daughter gets one or perhaps two lines in the entire movie, while Bobo seems almost like the second lead as Robbie. In that rare movie that provides several good parts for adult actresses, it's the girl child who gets marginalized.

Things come to a head in a ridiculous scene that works, inadvertently, because the plot twists are so balls-to-the-wall contrived that they jolt the otherwise conventional trend back toward humor.

Such efforts help earn "Crazy, Stupid, Love." some offbeat charms to add to its surfeit of punctuation. It is a pleasant movie. But you will foresee the ending long before the characters do.

Joe Tyrrell may be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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