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Jul 06th
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'Delicacy' movie review, trailer: French film is date night appetizer

Markus finally decides to take this relationship seriously, and the movie gets schmaltzier, as all good date-night movies are supposed to. These films usually depend on just the right tone, and what Foenkinos is going for--sweetly sad and funny--doesn’t always land. Tautou is less confident than Damiens, and her brusqueness is sometimes overplayed. We see her grief rather than feel it, so she seems unnecessarily harsh and cold (as cold as Tautou can seem anyway) when friends and colleagues suggest that it’s time she moves on with her life. We haven’t seen her out with anyone else, which makes it harder to understand why she’s so taken with Markus. This time, her gamine charm doesn’t work for her.

Still, “Delicacy” isn’t painful viewing. At least, it’s not embarrassing, as many of these type of films are. It’s just the appetizer, anyway, before the dish you’re anticipating.


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