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Jun 03rd
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Harry Carson helmet stolen at nonprofit auction

granatellKIM013111_optBY KIM GRANATELL

You're just waiting for the drama, aren't you?

Well, as you know from last week, Pro Football Hall of Famer Harry Carson stopped by the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation fundraiser and graciously donated a mini helmet along with the football that he would autograph for the Foundation.

After Harry autographed them, the people from the event took them and put them on a table with all the items to be auctioned. They auctioned both items off together, which I wasn't very happy about. I thought they should have been separately auctioned off so we could have raised more money. By the time I noticed it, it was too late, guests had already started to bid on both items together.

Everyone began to mingle, looking at the different items. Guests began to put their names down, but I noticed that some people were leaving early, too, probably because they weren't bidding on anything.

Next, Tom Murro, his wife Kelly, and I went into the other room where there was dining, dancing, and then the auction began. The autographed football and mini-helmet went to the highest bidder for $450.

When they were all done, we went back into the room where all the items had been placed to be picked up by the winners. We proceeded to sit down and chat. Laura Savage, the new director at the foundation, looked at the table and then to us, back to the table and finally to us, telling us the mini helmet was gone. "How can this happen?" Laura asked, "these are all my friends!"

SOMEBODY LIFTED THE MINI HELMET... and not the person that won it!

We looked around and couldn't find it. Not near another item, not behind or under the table. It was gone, gone, gone. I felt really bad. Tom felt bad. Should we tell Harry Carson? What should we do? Should we ask him to sign another one? Really, what do we do?

I asked Tom to look on eBay for the helmet, that I would buy it and give it to the person that had won the bid, but since it was part of Harry's private collection we couldn't purchase an exact match of the item. So we didn't.

The mini helmet has yet to surface, still no word on where it's gone to. The guilty party is sitting pretty right now with it... displayed, or more likely hidden for fear of being exposed.

We still haven't told Harry, because he graciously came and this is what happened. The drama is never too far away.

Be careful who you are, because I just might have all the attendees come back and take a lie detector test!!!

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Kim Granatell, a second season regular on "The Real Housewives of New Jersey", will share her thoughts weekly in the "Keepin it real with Kim G" column.


Help kids through the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation

Comments (5)
5 Monday, 07 February 2011 21:17
Jane Ann Seaworth
Is this for real? This is drama? This column is an insult to NJ Newsroom? What moron thought this would be interesting? I just hope you do better than this if you are going to take up space. A talented writer could be given a chance. There are many interesting and talented people, young people, who would love space here. Shame on you NJ News.
4 Monday, 07 February 2011 20:05
go screw someone'shusband. to make him enjoy it, put a bag over your head.
3 Monday, 07 February 2011 20:01
Your writing skills are that of an autistic toddler.
2 Monday, 07 February 2011 18:37
Jesse James
I guess Harry doesn't read your column. This is JERSEY NEWS?? Give me a break.
1 Monday, 07 February 2011 17:50
Tony Trafucci
Is new jersey news room kidding with giving this walking joke of a drama queen a column? you cheapen the web page and honestly no one cares what this disgrace has to say. HEY KIM your 15 minutes are up!

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