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Jul 04th
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Hillary Duff talks baby names at 'Devoted' signing

duffHillary101311_optBY ALLISON RUPPINO

Disney stars sure have the trifecta: they can sing, act, and dance. Hilary Duff is no exception, and is one kid star that has proven herself through the years as more than just the girl behind Lizzie McGuire. Not long ago, Duff added “author” to her long list of talents when her young adult novel entitled Elixir became a New York Times best seller. She has now released a follow-up novel titled 'Devoted', published by Simon and Schuster, which came out yesterday.

The story continues to follow the main character, Clea Raymond, as she finds a way to win back her soulmate, Sage. In the non-fictional world, N.J.'s 'Celebrity Magnet' Tom Murro was also finding his own way, to become a hero as he worked on getting his 13 year old Jr. magnet daughter Lauren together with Duff during her next book signing.

Duff made her way to New Jersey on Monday, Oct 11th along with her mini-baby bump. She was in the northern part of the state promoting 'Devoted' at a N.J. celebrity book-signing hotspot called, Books and Greetings in Northvale, N.J. Perhaps this will become Murro's second home?

After having a store in Manhattan for 47 years, Kenny Sarfin brought the friendly bookstore to the Garden State. As a proud owner of this store he explained, “We sell books the old fashioned way; we read them.”

They also sell books the modern way by bringing big notable names to the establishment. Duff was one of manyduff2hillary101311_opt famous individuals who have entered through those Books and Greetings doors. Murro, being one of the loyal customers to the store, brought his junior magnet, Lauren, with him to see the pop princess author.

“Thanks to a very nice PR girl named Nicole, I surprised my daughter by arranging a quick meet and greet with Hilary before she headed out to sign her books for the huge crowd of around 300 girls,” said Murro. The crowd’s age range was from around 3-years-old to 20-years-old, and of course consisted mostly of girls. They all waited patiently outside holding onto their prepaid books and numbered entry tickets, being truly “Devoted” fans.

As a dedicated Jersey man, Murro needed to find a way to work that angle into his conversation with Duff.

“I asked Hilary if it was her first time in Jersey, she said 'no, I love it here,'” explained Murro. It seems the Garden State has more fans than we thought.

Since Duff and her husband Mike Comrie are expecting, Murro then asked her if she was having a boy or girl. She replied with, “Why, do you have any suggestions for names?”

Murro's daughter rattled off about five or so girl names including: Lauren, Lily, Amanda, Madelyn, and Madison. Duff replied, “I guess you guys really think I'm having a girl.” Also, it is probably too early to tell since we know she is due sometime in June.

We can only assume Duff's babymurrolauren101311_opt will be as sweet and beautiful as she is, as Murro informed us Duff was sporting a friendly smile the entire time. “It was so weird to see her all grown up since I was forced to watch her as a kid on 'Lizzie McGuire' with my daughter,” said Murro. “I don’t admit that to anyone.”


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