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May 30th
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‘Jersey Shore’ cast is happy to be back from Italy

jerseyshore080611_optBY PAM LOBLEY

The cast of “Jersey Shore” has two milestones to celebrate: Season Four started airing this week, and Season Five was just wrapped up shooting in Seaside Heights. The entire cast was at the beach house on Ocean Terrace for a publicity session.

Season Four was shot in Florence, Italy, and the cast seemed to be happy to be back on their old partying grounds in New Jersey. Mike (The Situation) Sorrentino explained how being in Italy compromised his regular GTL agenda. GTL stands for gym, tanning, and laundry.

“The gym was an hour away, the tanning salon was a hair salon, and it was hard to get my laundry done and do the normal routine,” he said, adding a normal day for the guys will entail either GTL or BLT, which would be bagels, laundry, and tanning.

This guy does more laundry than I do. How can he have so many dirty clothes?

Snooki agreed that keeping up the tanning routine in Florence was a challenge. When she returned to America she tanned twice a day for two weeks just get her skin to return to its normally nut brown color. Maybe she should get a tee shirt that says “My hit TV show went to Florence and all I got was this pasty skin tone.”

These days, the cast seems quite comfortable in their own bronzed skin. As Sammi Giancola says, “You have people who love you and people who hate you. We respect people for who they are and only ask the same.”

Jennifer “JWOWW” Farley agreed. “Haters come and go, but I know more people love us than hate us,” she said.

Although in the past there had been some talk of hiring replacements for the cast; that has apparently died down for now. With Season Five wrapped and ready to go, these eight kids seem to have the most secure jobs in the whole recession.

Season Four is already off to a spiffy start as the cast learns about bidets, Vespas and other pleasures of European living. Romance, though, may not be in the cards. Deena Nicole Cortese admitted she missed her Jersey boys. She felt the men in Italy seem thinner and hairier.

I’m guessing this is because Europeans eat a healthy diet, and they don’t wax their torsos.


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