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May 06th
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'Real Housewives of N.J.' loses Jacqueline Laurita to reality

lauritaJacqueline100511_optBY PAM LOBLEY

Jacqueline Laurita has hinted, she has tweeted, and now, I think, she’s made it official … she is leaving "The Real Housewives of New Jersey." As she says on Twitter, “I can’t be part of the Charade anymore. It’s unsettling. It’s disturbing & against what I stand for. I’m a REAL housewife.”

You go, girl. You go be REAL.

Jacqueline suggests that her reason for getting fed up with the show is a scheme by Teresa Giudice to discredit Melissa Gorga, who is actually Teresa’s sister-in-law, by revealing on camera that Melissa had once been a stripper. Got that.

Jacqueline then tweeted that she thought Teresa was “scum”.

Girl, you are so REAL!

Now shooting season four, the RHONJ has a history of bringing up embarrassing moments from the participants’ past. In this case, the supposed strip club boss was at a fashion show during the filming of a recent episode. The cameras tried to catch Melissa and the strip boss together, and Jacqueline was repulsed by that. She says Melissa was only a bartender at that club, never a dancer.

Her tweets revealed that she is sick and tired of the whole thing, which I presume means the completely fake and fabricated way the women relate to each other. She is sick of the lies they tell about their families to cover up arrests and bankruptcies, or the way they bring attention to themselves by bragging about arrests and bankruptcies.

I don’t blame her, and believe me, I’m all about her getting back to being REAL. But REAL means you don’t pose on a marble staircase in a silk cocktail dress and full makeup just ‘cause. REAL means you are not going to Punta Cana with on an all-expense paid trip. REAL means you’re going back to Franklin Lakes and sit in traffic on Route 17 just like everyone else.

Comments (21)
21 Tuesday, 28 February 2012 15:24
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20 Thursday, 29 December 2011 04:22
well wat can I say I think all of dem except theresa are backstabbers dey cant take a damb joke melissa ur played out nd u havent been on da show for long I think nd alot of people wuld agree with me dat she clearly wants to b like theresa dis woman is imanipulative shes is a disgrace for us italians nd caroline god dis woman tries to make evryone kiss her feet always wantin to be on top of all da nj housewives she tries bullying all of dem I hate dis women dey need to take her out of da show asap shes makin evryone else look bad wen shes the bad one jacqueline needs to put ashley in bootcamp she got no manners! we love u theresa thanx for showin us wat italians are all about stay strong !!!!
19 Saturday, 15 October 2011 23:40
people think J and C are bad friends because when ur friends start acting a fool you hang in there with them you do stab them in the back. how stupid does Jaq feel to find out Bravo cleared T of the set up . she has to run she looks like a complete fool. they are haters that drop their friends when they see them sinking , they dropped T because she can no longer keep up money wise they were waiting for something anything to get away for the broke. so sad....
18 Thursday, 13 October 2011 08:18
A exact repeat of RHONY. Lets gang up on a housewife. Betheny then Teresa. Just like NY they dump on the successful one. Teresa was the only one with success on the books while the others flopped. She was asked to Celebrity Apprentice which upset Caroline, Its all getting boring.
17 Thursday, 13 October 2011 08:01
i find it to be surprising that everyone finds jacqueline and caroline to be bad friends. i think many of you have not watched the show from the beginning and for those of you who have you find them to be a delight. Both have stood by theresa at the worst of times and pushed her to re-unite with her family. they can't hold a gun up to her head to teach her that she has her own faults. not to mention, when you say hurtful things (via best-seller cookbook) about someone who has been a great friend to you, then it should not surprise people that jacqueline and caroline want to keep their distance. for people who are centralized on family, a big hint that a friend would not be loyal is if a friend is not loyal to family. every family has their problems, but the root of theresa and melissas' family does seem to be about jealousy. that is constantly the show: melissa: theresa is jealous, but i want our family together, i want my kids to play with their cousins, theresa: melissa always copies me, kathy: i don't know why everything is about theresa. see my point? difficult to be friends with that. not to mention caroline and jacqueline aren't calling kathy and melissa their bffs, instead they are acknowledging the recent set-up as being really awful. still got to love this reality tv, it is entertaining, so everyone should lighten up
16 Wednesday, 12 October 2011 23:22
pau rhodes
I think jacqueline and chris are the most desirable couple on the show. Chris is a remarkable person as he continually wants to help Ashley. Not many step dads would do what he does. Jacqueline has been my favorite housewife since the show started. She sees good in everyone; however, I feel she is really disappointed in Teresa. I hate to think that she would not be on the show in the future. She is beautiful in and out. Good luck to you. You have a beautiful family.
15 Wednesday, 12 October 2011 21:22
14 Wednesday, 12 October 2011 11:58
all the people who bash members on the show and bash BRAVO and bash any Real Housewives' shows really need to back away from themselves and get real. You watch the show, you love the drama, admit it. It takes you away from your own boring or dysfunctional lives. I admit it does for me. As for these women, no one truly knows them. I do know who is true and real though. Caroline is one and Jacqueline seems to be one. They are not out to prove anything. They are good hearted people living their lives. If I were fooled, so be it. I'm still entertained.
13 Wednesday, 12 October 2011 05:25
What idiots, including the author. Jaqueline is not leaving the show. When she said she is not being part of the charade anymore, she clearly is talking about being a Teresa Guidice apologist. Like everyone else, she's tired of the lies and hypocritical statements that Teresa spews on a constant basis, and she's not covering for her anymore. I'm surprised that they all held back this long. If Teresa would say and do the things that she does about her family, why did they think that they would be immune? Friendship with Teresa is not just toxic, it's cancerous and if they don't cut her out of their lives then it will continue to spread into theirs.
12 Tuesday, 11 October 2011 08:05
I am disgusted by how the show ended this year. Teresa has come off looking like a baffoon, like the man she is married to. What is wrong with her? She used to be my favorite, but watching her jealously take over was so fustrating. Jackie and Caroline tried to help her to understand, but no she just had a "Capo tosta" (hard head). Teresa was one of the only housewives on that series who has a college degree, besides Melissa, and you would not know it by the way her and Melissa acted. The only person on this show in the end with some scriples was Kathy (who I really like and Jacqueline). The kids should not have been subjected to this show. It is obvious that they all like each other and they all behaved for the most part better than the adults. I am so disappointed in Teresa, she needs to be a little more humble to all of her friends and relatives. I can't believe that Melissa is as bad as Teresa says. Melissa is littel bit of a lizzard, but she is constantly having to look over her shoulder waiting for the next bomb. Teresa needs to STOP IT and GET ALONG with your sister in law. And ALL the ladies need to stop back stabbing each other and then claiming your friends. Hope Jackie doesn't go with Kim G. and Danielle, cause they are really trouble makers.
11 Monday, 10 October 2011 16:53
I am glad someone is standing up against the horror that is theresa...she is an embarrassment to our people...both Italians and Americans....Theresa and her husband should be ashamed of themselves...My advice is that they get anger management and at least a third grade education...I would never be friends or family with people like that...the cruelty, disrespect, ignorance and lack of class shown by Theresa and Joe disgusts me.
As for Jacqueline, Caroline, Kathy and Melissa...You are all lovely and tried your best...you have beautiful family's, do not subject yourselves to such garbage as the guidices. I saw you all as victims of the blatant abuse dished out by the Guidices...I am sorry but everyone lived in fear of theresa's outbursts...
as for Ahsley give her time...the kid definitely is like so many out there in her generation that are partiers and what not...i think instead of asking her what she is going to do...she may need help of not only a psychiatrist but also a career counselor...who can help guide to use her incredible artistic talent in some way...Ashley is apathetic...that can be scary...but their were times people got through so there is help
10 Monday, 10 October 2011 15:21
If Laurita leaves which I doubt then its because her popularity went down. And her daughter has something on her.
Something wrong with Jacqueline and does she drink too much? She reminds me of a closet alcoholic. Sorry but just something sneaky about this women. I don't get how she can be so verbally abusive to her daughter and then get others to help her gang up on her. Clearly Jacqueline is more out of control than her daughter. God only knows what goes on when the camera's are not around. Bet ole Ashley has some good stories to tell about these women that would make one shocking book. Guess not just more of the same sick ole dysfunction.

Besides what do Caroline sons do who are older. Seems they have no jobs and its ok. But then Caroline is one of these backward mentality of the men can and women can't anyway. Her brother is trying to get them started in a water business. She tells Laurita if Ashley was her daughter she would be picking herself up off the floor--she should try that with her sons who get drunk and in trouble since she is an advocate of abuse. Is that what she tells people on her self help radio show. "you kid opens their mouth slug them!" Brillant women.

Bravo is terrible to put young kids on the show or teens or are not fully cooked and subject them to abuse. Oh where oh were is Paulson just off finding some other single moms reality shows away.

Watching some of this shows causes you IQ to drop instantly.
9 Sunday, 09 October 2011 12:11
This is all welcome news. Who would really miss these HWs esp from NJ who have brought SHAME to the State image, to the Italian community and mostly, to the Real women across US of A who juggles work, raising children, take care of their families & volunteer their extra hours for PTA &/or their kids sport Clubs fundraisings?
What does this Jacq contribute? She should take care of the dysfunctions in her family and quit mediating for others just to be relevant.
Really, RHoNJ should close down simply becoz it has converted into despicable behaviours. Shame on them!!!
8 Sunday, 09 October 2011 05:15
Shut up...
Literally the NYC firings have been the only big firings in the shows history (besides Danielle, because the entire cast wanted her out, and that obviously isn't happening now). Other than that, people are either gone because they're too boring, or they leave on their own. Jacqueline is full of it... she's not going anywhere, and the media is full of it too... her relationship with Ashley is a huge part of the shows drama... why would they get rid of her? Especially now that she's feuding with Teresa? That's gonna be a huge part of the show, and it's gonna bring in tons of ratings. It's unfortunate that so many people believe all of these "rumors" that never end up being true. Get real guys, Jacqueline is not convincing, nor is she original... there's at least 5 girls from each show threatening to leave every time a season ends. Bravo has to be planting these stories, or have some sort of deal with literally every media outlet, because all this is is publicity for the show and these women. Nobody is going anywhere.
7 Friday, 07 October 2011 22:21
Bye Jaq! See ya! Bout time you woke up. Stopped watching the show bcuz Caroline and her BS advice make me want to puke. Why doesn't she quit the show and get those eff-in cameras off her lovely daughter (ONLY genuinely likable jersey woman on show) who is clearly uncomfortable being in front of the cameras?!?! Teresa is a rat-faced snake with an overgrown hairline. Melissa's problem is that although she's probably a good person, it won't matter bcuz her sisters are WITCHES. Does anyone notice how they fly w/their open venomous mouths from person to person, instigating all the while? Yuck! Uh, HARPIES. But, I did like Kathie. She cracks me up. Too bad judgy-Caroline ruined the show for me, especially when she pre- judged and misjudged Kathie.
6 Friday, 07 October 2011 14:51
Bravo TV says you are wrong
You are mistaken.

Bravo has officially released a press conference saying that Jacqueline or Caroline has NOT quit, been fired, or let go.

Nice that you have opinions, great. But no one quit or fired at this time.

Maybe you got the story wrong, it was some of the R.H.O.N.Y that has been fired in the recent days.
5 Friday, 07 October 2011 14:47
TN Viewer
I like something about all the women, but I also dislike something about all of the,,,some more than others. I like Jaq and Teresa the best adn it makes me sick that Caroline who was my FAV, has proved to be low down and two faced mean. Everyone one of them talk trash behind Teresa's back, some os fine, but it has proved that NONE were ever her true friend. Her brother is just nasty and so is Ritchie... personally I liked the show best when the ladies got along.
4 Friday, 07 October 2011 11:53
oh please Margret!
I was a big fan of the show..I am so happy for Caroline and Jacqueline to walk away from the trash Teresa has made the show. Her and her obvious lies. She is a disgrace to NJ. As a former Jersey girl I am disapointed in her as she does not stand for the typical housewife. In my opinion Caroline has always remained true to herself and the public. She has never shifted in her ways. I am so happy you are pulling away from this trash. You remind me me of my girlfriends mothers growing up. You and your husband have so much class. You have brought up a beautiful family and for that you made the show enjoyable for me to watch with my mom.
3 Friday, 07 October 2011 10:38
Great decision Jacqueline! I stumbled upon RHONJ about a month ago and after suffering through a few episodes with the hopes of finding some redeeming quality, besides how not to behave, I finally tuned off.
Jacqueline, I wish you and your loved ones all the best. You have my respect for standing by your principles and walking away.
2 Friday, 07 October 2011 10:18
Margaret Burns
I think these two women Jac and Caroline are a disgrace, oh they loved Teresa, oh she was so funny, oh she was like family. They turned on her in a NY minute. Caroline is condescending, and proved she goes with the hot hand, this minute it is Melissa and that horror Kathie, her new BFFs. You don;t turn against a friend in time of need and you never intefere in other people's family, what a phony. On to Jacqueline wow she is nuts, really nuts. She turned on her sister in law Dina for Danielle, basically because shes nuts. She;s friend with Kim G and now turned on Teresa for those two wanna be's Melissa and Kathie another big fat phony.
1 Friday, 07 October 2011 06:36
Devil wears Prada
Personally I am not a fan of Jacqueline. She has enough problems at home with her daughter Ashley who is crying out in pain. Jacqueline also has referred to her handling her own when she punched one of her sister-in-laws. I think she is bi-polar. Also, you take an unwritten oath in a friendship. What you share in your friendship stays private, not made public even if at a later time you become enemies. In every instance Jacqueline became friends with people such as Danielle and now Teresa, she shared private conversations that existed during the time of their friendship. I would be scared to be friends with such a loose cannon. Lastly, I work in law, and there are thousands upon thousands of people daily that are spending lavishly and later filing bankruptcy only to turn around and spend lavishly again. It is a national problem, not an individual one.

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