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Apr 18th
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REVIEW: ‘The Judy Show’ regards the sitcom life of a Jewish lesbian mom

Judy1070711_optJersey girl Judy Gold humorously considers her evolving world in a new solo show


A funny Jersey girl who grew up in Clark in Union County, Judy Gold is a 6’3” Jewish lesbian mom of two sons who has made her living as a stand-up comic, actress and writer.

Perhaps you’ve caught Gold on “The View” and “The Joy Behar Show” or as a comical commentator on the “Tru TV Presents World’s Dumbest” series. Back in 2006, Gold enjoyed an off Broadway success with “25 Questions For a Jewish Mother” regarding her uneasy relationship with a cantankerous mama – who, by the way, later called me up to gripe about my tepid review of her daughter’s show.

Gold now returns to off Broadway with a new solo venture, “The Judy Show – My Life As A Sitcom,” which opened on Wednesday at the DR2 Theater.

The theme for this entertaining 80-minute spiel is that during her Clark girlhood, Gold “spent hours lying on my belly on the shag carpeting getting lost in the world of the 70s sitcom.”

Judy2070711_optCiting “The Brady Bunch” and “Good Times” as favorites, Gold says she loved them “because these families actually communicated with each other … We had two kinds of communication in my family – screaming and not talking to each other.”

So off she goes, telling sweetly sardonic stories about her existence in and out of suburban Jersey and the Upper West Side and how they relate to sitcoms ranging from “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” to “Seinfeld.” Along the way, Gold grows beyond her band geek days and Rutgers awakenings to develop into the proud (if somewhat frazzled) lesbian mom and partner she is today. A running gag sees Gold vainly pitching her evolving life as a sitcom to various networks.

A confident, upbeat personality, Gold makes sly fun of her own misjudgments as much as she remarks on the quirks of her family and the changing society around her. Written by Gold with Kate Moira Ryan in an easygoing conversational manner, “The Judy Show” amusingly mentions matters as timely as gay marriage and as timeless as nagging Jewish mothers. A touching story about Gold’s late father ties everything together with a rainbow ribbon.

Comments (3)
3 Friday, 08 July 2011 11:53
Brilliant and hilarious show!!!

Through all the trials and tribulations of being TALL as a teenager, hiding the secret of being gay, relationships, motherhood, parents, siblings - Judy shares it with the audience as though we are her confidants!

Great timing, excellent TV theme songs and the superb mixing of happy/sad and life - on life's terms!

BRAVO Judy!!!!!
2 Friday, 08 July 2011 00:11
Janice Moran
I got free tickets to this. Glad I didn't pay. It had a few funny moments but the whole thing felt like a cry for help from a very pushy, seriously messed up woman who desperately wants to be famous, and even then you feel like she wouldn't be happy. The way she imitates her mother, then talks about her kids, makes you think she's doing to her kids what her mother did to her. I worry for them. I chuckled a few times, but for me and my friends the laughs were few. She is very in your face and almost insists that you laugh, dammit. Unless you're a fan of Gold's, there's no reason to see this. Great theater it ain't.
1 Thursday, 07 July 2011 23:24
ruth Burkhoff
this is an extremely entertaining show that is both funny and sad. it is very well done and it was one of those shows that i didn't want to end. i love when i see a show and i don't look at my watch.
she is the best argument for gay marriage since she is trying to bring up her two sons as normally as is possible in this abnormal world.

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