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May 27th
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'Safe House' movie review, trailer: Chase that can be rented

safehouse021212_optBY JOE TYRRELL

An ornament to our screen, Denzel Washington is a leading man who has been fearless enough to invest his good-guy image in heels, connivers or drug lords in films such as "Training Day," "Out of Time" or "American Gangster."

In "Safe House," Washington again indulges the power of the dark side, and this time does so with almost no help from the script. For this tale is less interested in having this powerhouse actor explore his character than it is in having him run across rooftops, crash cars and shoot up hallways.

He does all that while bearing up under the name Tobin Frost. You know that must be a fake moniker, and sure enough, he's a spy. Not just any spy, but one of those rogue agents we hear so much about. "He's wanted for espionage on four continents," a CIA clerk reports breathlessly, though without specifying which ones.

Denzel does have some firepower on hand. The supporting cast includes Vera Farmiga, Brendan Gleeson, Rubén Blades, Sam Shepard _ a good start toward repopulating the world with an acting troupe. With all that talent on hand, though, director Daniel Espinosa takes the chancier route of building on Ryan Reynolds. He's been decent in lighter fare while showing few signs of heavy-duty acting chops.

Surprisingly, Reynolds is more than up to the task of playing Matt Weston, a young CIA apparatchik who believes his career is dying on the vine as the "housekeeper" of a glorified spiderhole in South Africa. He's got lots of surveillance cameras, a full refrigerator, an MP3 player and a ball to bounce off the wall, Steve McQueen style. safe_house021212_opt

Elsewhere in town, Weston also has a glamorous French girlfriend, Ana (Nora Arnezeder), a do-gooder doctor to whom, naturally, he is lying about all aspects of his life. Well, it's a fraudulent living, until the notorious Tobin Frost turns himself in at the local U.S. consulate to escape from unknown gunmen.

Alarms ring back at CIA headquarters in Langley. Files flash on giant screens. Orders are barked. The traitorous Frost must be held in a secure location. Soon, six heavily armed escorts under the direction of Kiefer (Robert Patrick), here looking more like an electrician than a smooth liquid-metal Terminator, bring Frost to Matt's humble high-security abode.

They immediately set about torturing their guest, because that's how we roll. "Khalid Sheik Mohammed held out for 26 seconds," Keifer tells Frost smugly. Yes, but that was on his 183rd waterboarding. Frost coughs a bit, but looks ready to go for that record.

Comments (1)
1 Sunday, 12 February 2012 20:45
Absolute rubbish! A potentially good movie ruined by crappy cinematography; too many out of focus extreme close-ups along with shaking the camera as often as possible, in order to make you feel like 'You're in the action'. It doesn't, it's amateur!

The shaking was so bad, my wife got nauseous.

The director is now in the same ranks of 'The Shield', another potentially very good show, ruined by crappy cinematography. Director should go back to film school and try to find some talent.

The Story was decent; there was no need for the added nauseations.

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